My sister and I were talking the other day about some of the teasing that's gone on in our family.

We tend to be pranksters from time to time … at least some of us.

“Remember when we told Garet about the shower?”

“Yes!” she laughed.

My niece's boyfriend, Garet, joined us on our family trip for the first time two years ago. We had previously made a rule because we didn't want boyfriends and girlfriends who may come and go, coming along on the family trip.

“But we're over 18 and have been together for a year,” said Sarah.

So, Garet was eligible for his first trip to the Frio River with us.

But it wouldn't come without a little initiation.

Janie and I made a chart for the shower schedule. I think there were 14 of us that year. We all always stay in one cabin and we've changed which one several times, depending on how many we have that year.

We could hardly stop laughing long enough to finish the schedule. Everyone had a turn in the shower, every two to three days … except Garet. He had a five-day gap. The schedule appeared orderly and fair, until you started doing the math.

So, he walked in after going down to see the river with Sarah, and we called him over to point out the shower schedule we had put on the fridge.

We explained that because we were on a temperamental septic system, and had had bad experiences in the past, we had to make and adhere to the shower schedule – no exceptions.

So it was Saturday, and I think his shower was on Wednesday or so, and that was it because we were leaving on Thursday.

Garet is a bright guy, and I think he had seen the injustice in the math in seconds. But he didn't show it one bit.

“OK,” he nodded in agreement.

He looked a little confused, so we explained that we knew it would be hard, but if things backed up, it could get really nasty.

“If you really feel like you need to wash up, like after volleyball or something, you can take a bar of soap and go down to the river,” my sister explained with a straight face.

“OK, I can make that work,” he said with conviction.

Then we couldn't stand it any longer and erupted in laughter. Poor Sarah had turned around because she couldn't keep a straight face at all.

“We're kidding! You can take a shower anytime you want. We don't have a schedule.”

After that, explaining that no paper could be put in the toilets was a much easier pill to swallow; and that part was true.

My sister and I reminisced about that and several other fun times, and I asked her how our Cute Little German Mother was doing.

About two months ago, we moved the Little Cutie to Colorado Springs to live with my sister. We're giving it some time to see if the move is permanent or not.

“She's good, but she complains about my cooking a lot,” she said.

“Oh, good.” I said, “That means she's her usual little self.”

My daughter, Heather, drove her Oma to Colorado and stayed a few days to help get her settled. The Little Cutie couldn't say enough about how she enjoyed the trip with Heather, and how the two had become closer with those hours in the car.

We continued with the playful prank memories. My sister was still a little miffed about the time Heather changed the language settings on her iPhone.

All in all, they're good memories.

Sarah and Garet are still together, with plans to marry when he finishes college.

It seems we didn't scare the poor boy off. And we're glad about that. We've decided we would like to keep him.

Even though his shower requirements seem a bit too flexible.

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