Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. June 20 is the day for us to honor fathers in 2021. Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1910. However, it did not become an official day to recognize fathers until 1972.

Even though over one billion dollars is spent to honor fathers each year, the day does not receive as much attention or fanfare as other holidays. One reason for less attention to Father’s Day may be due to the fact that many men think it is a commercialized event that is not really about honoring fathers. Also, father is such a formal term. Dad and daddy are the terms of endearment most children use.

As I think of fathers, many reasons come to mind for honoring the patriarch in our home. The major role of a father is to provide support for his family. Support means providing for financial needs as well as seeing that his children are able to participate in activities such as sports, scouts and other groups in the community. Working to meet the needs of his family may require the father to be away from home during important events. A father’s responsibilities must be understood by his family.

I am in awe when I think of my own father. Daddy was a truck farmer and handyman. He didn’t have a boss or punch a time clock. But Daddy did the work that was needed. He had a plan for his farming, and he would plow the field and garden, plant the seeds at the right time, weed and care for the plants as they grew, and reap the harvest when the plants were ready. He would choose the vegetables to be sold to the local grocery and prepare them for the customers. The vegetables had to be clean and trimmed; some were bound together to form a bunch. When the vegetables were ready, they were delivered to the local grocery. Daddy always knew what he had to do, and he did the chores without someone else telling him to do it.

Dads teach their children to catch and pitch a baseball. They play touch football with their kids and teach them to catch and throw a football. Dads become baseball coaches and scout leaders in order for their children to participate in the activities. Dads are seen at middle school, high school, and college softball, baseball, and football games, track meets, swim meets, and whatever other activities their children participate.

Due to the dedication of dads and their involvement in their children’s lives, they are worthy of honor at least one day of each year.

Perhaps if the one Sunday of the year was called Dad’s Day more men would appreciate being honored. So Happy Father’s Day to all dads. May you be honored and blessed this year and every year.

Julia Nation
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