My family home was located two miles west of Humble and a short distance north of FM 1960. There were few houses along the highway until the late 1970s. Therefore, close friends were the people who lived around my family.

Aunts, uncles and cousins were the residents who lived close by. However, on the south side of the highway was a dirt road that led into the woods and to two houses. Miss Ona and Miss Beulah, who were older ladies, resided in the first house which was a dog-run house. A little farther down the dirt road was the home of the Taylor family. Norman, who was a friend of our brothers, was the Taylors’ only child.

My sister and I enjoyed visiting Miss Ona and Miss Beulah in their dog-run house. Their house was built with two bedrooms on the south side and the living room, dining room and kitchen on the north side. The two sections of the house were joined by a common floor and roof. A large porch stretched across the front and a wide hallway separated the two living areas. The hallway ended at a small back porch with an “outdoor” toilet on the side. The dogs could run between the two parts of the house; hence it was a dog-run house. The wide, open hallway was an inviting place for children to frolic and create their own entertainment. My sister and I always enjoyed spending a day at the dog-run house.

A few years ago, my sister was visiting me in Humble. While driving along Business FM 1960 west of Humble, we were talking about the dog-run house that was the home of Miss Ona and Miss Beulah. The entrance to the dirt road could still be seen from the paved road. My sister turned her car onto the dirt road. We set out to see the dog-run house once more.

My sister navigated the bumpy dirt road while trying to avoid the ruts and holes in it. After a long, slow drive, we saw the house. The house was dark and the recent owners had boarded up the dog-run, which destroyed the appeal of the unique house. We continued our drive to the Taylor home. At that point, the road curved to the east and soon we saw construction for the new McKay Drive that was being built. There was no outlet to the new road. Consequently, my sister had to maneuver her car in a turn until we were able to follow the dirt road out of the forest.

The Taylors were not at home and the dog-run house was not the same with no space for the dogs to run between the two sections of the house. We had an interesting drive, but were disappointed by the changes made to the home of our friends and by the new development that was changing the area.

A short time ago I was thinking of our friends, the dog-run house and the drive my sister and I had made through the woods. As I drove along Business FM 1960, I looked for the dirt road. I realized that the dirt road no longer exists. Instead, there are two large warehouse buildings and parking lots where the dirt road and woods used to be. Companies have removed all evidence of the dirt road that led to the homes of friends from years gone by. I am saddened by the loss of the dirt road and the homes of our friends, but I’m thankful for the memories we have of our friends and the dog-run house.


Julia Nation
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