Last week I came across a cookie recipe on the internet that I could tell by the photograph was going to knock the socks right off my tootsies and clear across the kitchen floor.

The first thing that caught my right eyeball was the cross-section of massively thick chocolate chip cookies which were artistically stacked four high. The text touted them to be crispy on the outside and oh so soft and gooey on the inside. Sounded like a most awesome combination. Hmm … and the recipe also indicated it was a copycat recipe from a fancy pants bakery I have never heard of somewhere in the northeast. I have to say … they seriously had me at the words “chocolate chip!”

Did I mention the ingredients and baking methods listed were a tad different than I normally see? But could it deliver the deliciousness promised from the computer screen?
Back in the olden days, I’d baked more than my fair share of the Nestle’s Toll House variety with the chips in the distinctive yellow and red package. In those days, I think they only sold the semisweet variety of chips and in just one size. Definitely do not recall mini-morsels sold during the Jurassic Period. Our youngest loved sitting on the kitchen counter with the ingredients on one side of him and a large bowl on the other. We made them often. It was a family affair, especially during the summer heat.

Our special needs daughter, Mimi, loved to help pour the sugar into the bowl. That was her job. Ricky, about 5 at the time, was notorious for whipping together the batter without peeking on the back of the bag of chocolate chips for ingredient measurements. The dude is still a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen, as is his oldest sister, Katie.

Years later, I matured and moved on to various cookbook varieties. I have a couple of cookie cookbooks that do not entirely disappoint. Each book features their best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!

The homemade versions certainly taste awesome out of the oven, but in a couple of days they somehow lose their cookie charisma. They can tend to get a little stale, even with a little pick-me-up nuke in the microwave. I’m always on the lookout for a version that will hit a cookie grand slam, or get a gold medal, like the flour, in the Olympics. I have a spot all picked out just in case such an award comes my way!

It begs the question … I mean … have you ever ingested a very special cookie out there in the world that you tend to compare to all others? My gold standard is it has to be a cookie that spontaneously produces lots of drool at first bite. Get your napkin ready. I know of such an amazing cookie. My oldest and I from time-to-time have lunch at Tiny Boxwoods in Houston. It has been a couple of years since our last visit. Katie introduced me to the adorable little café nestled in back of a plant nursery. Their chocolate chip cookies are the stuff of legends. You can smell them coming out of the oven while you finish your lunch. It is then Katie and I decide “sharing is caring” and we take the cookie plunge and split one. My favorite part is the shape of the cookie. I hope it hasn’t changed. The cookie has a large half-moon scoop shape with a nice little rim around the edge. And the taste … they are amazing!

Speaking of drool-worthy … so was the chocolate chip cookie recipe off the internet. The recipe makes eight to 10 very large, poufy cookies that look just like the photo. Tastes great … we are talkin’ home run into the bleachers. Excuse me while I retrieve my socks from under the kitchen table.

Dixie Frantz
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