I’m sitting here writin’ and thinkin’ … mostly about our dog, Lulu. Poor thing is at the vet right now where a biopsy is being performed to decipher what is wrong. I’ll pick her up a couple of hours from now. After a couple of different blood tests over the past few weeks, we still don’t know what ails our pooch. Probably only a hundred more possibilities to go!

This doggie-fixin’ process reminds me of the way car issues were detected in the olden days when the dinosaurs ruled the Earth. First you rebuilt the carburetor. If that doesn’t make your car run better, try replacing the spark plugs or maybe even the radiator. Obviously, I know as much about dog ailments as the internals of cars, except I do have quite a history holding the flashlight under the junky vehicle hoods for the hubster when we were just-married babies.

Lulu is our adorable English springer spaniel and about 8 years ancient. She has a dark brown face and white coat sprinkled with little flecks of brown. Lulu also has a large brown spot the size of a lopsided coconut on one side of her body. It could be my wacky imagination, but it seems … poof … Lulu may have overnight turned into a senior citizen. She still fetches like a champion, but it is her previously thick, fluffy dog fur that is severely thinning. Do dogs go bald? Lulu is not quite to the “billiard ball” stage but definitely headed in that direction.

I found a pooch-to-people age chart on the internet. It says Lulu is about 50 years old which I didn’t think comes close to senior status in a dog’s life. I still think of Lulu as barely out of the puppy stage. Perhaps this is just the time in some dog’s lives, like people, when some start to have health issues.

Wondering if her malady could have anything to do with her diet … or rather what she prefers to eat? Lulu has a thing for napkins … tissues … basically anything paper-related she can snatch off a lap or out of a trashcan. The wild look in Lulu’s eyes is a lot like our grandsons when they come over. The first thing they want – after a hug, of course – is to raid the M&M dispenser in the kitchen. We told Jacob and Ben that Lulu is part goat after they witnessed her inhale a napkin that accidentally hit the kitchen floor. I can’t even begin to figure out if there is a vitamin or nutrient a dog could ingest from a paper napkin. At least the back of the Kleenex box doesn’t list any!

Lulu still has that springer spring in her step, but it is her outward appearance that is sorely lacking. I noticed Lulu started to look different when the lopsided coconut spot on the side of her body started to fade. It is the same thought I have every month when I look in the mirror and notice my gray roots. Oops … time for my hair emergency appointment.

This whole year has been a rough one for Lulu. Early this year, her outward appearance changed after a rollicking romp through the greenbelt. She loves to run like the wind through the brush and the brambles and got a little tangled with something that pulled at the back of her neck. What started out as a nasty scratch turned ugly after Lulu scraped her paw across it. Poor thing wound up in the puppy emergency room. After shaving the area and treatment, the wound required an ace bandage around her neck for weeks. Not a fashion statement you want for a pooch.

So after I close out this week’s column, I’ll head over to the vet to pick up Lulu. It will take a week to get back the diagnosis. Hopefully, the report will be something super simple … like to be super diligent when it comes to all things resembling Kleenex tissues and paper napkins.

Dixie Frantz
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