I was in the grocery store languishing at the check-out line when a magazine cover caught my left eyeball’s attention. Betcha $9 you’ve probably seen it. It’s got a rather imposing shot of a thick, juicy cheeseburger gracing the cover. Now some people will purchase a magazine just because Michael Jackson or Oprah grace the cover. Not me. Although I resisted purchasing the magazine, a delectable-looking cheeseburger has gotta win every time over a pictorial dripping in Swiss or Colby Jack of say, members from the reality show “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” Texas Monthly published the article in their August issue on the 50 best burgers in the entire state of Texas. Well, have to say I’ve certainly enjoyed their barbecue issues over the years. But did you know they have never done one on burgers? Sounded like a daunting task to me. I was intrigued and finally laid down the five bucks to purchase the magazine on my next visit to the grocery store. Devouring the pages of the burger article, I learned that over 250 burger joints were auditioned and 45 pounds gained by the team doing the consuming. Burgers from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin are well represented, as well as some obscure places such as Ellinger and Jefferson. Readers were warned burger chains and steak houses were not considered. I heartily agreed with the article’s premise. After all, pitting Whataburger against the likes of Fuddruckers, or Burger King, hardly sounded like article-worthy material. “Hmm, that’s so interesting. Dear, it says here that Fredericksburg has the No. 3 burger. How about we check it out while we’re there on vacation next week?” I mentioned to hubby. Rick was stretched out on the couch engrossed in an Astros game and mumbled something that vaguely resembled a “yes.” The burger quest was immediately added to our vacation itinerary in bold letters. It was after closing the magazine that I finally noticed the small print on the bottom of the cover. The burger photograph was actually of our Fredericksburg burger quest. I naturally assumed it to be the number uno burger from Dallas on the cover. A small trickle of drool dripped down the corner of my mouth. This was going to be good. Did I mention that the Alamo Springs Café is actually 10 miles south of Fredericksburg, in the smack dab middle of nowhere, and located right next to a bat tunnel? The bats live in the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area and fly out when it gets dark. Warning in advance if you are considering the trek … Alamo Springs is kinda hard to find to my way of thinkin’. Oh, we had an address and our GPS acted pretty confident it knew where it was located. But instead of takin’ us down Old San Antonio Road, we wound up on a questionable gravel country one in the middle of nowhere for like 13 miles, kicking up some serious dust. I wish I had counted the number of cattle grates we drove over before we finally turned onto Alamo Road. “We gotta remind ourselves not to make this trek at night,” I mentioned, imagining all manner of wildlife chasing us down the road. I was glad that we had decided to arrive at the humble Alamo Springs Café early … and in the middle of the week. Puttin’ someone’s prized burger on a magazine cover is bound to cause quite a stir. We were correct. The beer cooler was low on supplies. Landshark Lager was the most plentiful on hand. Thankfully, the burgers were abundant. “We would like one of your Texas Monthly burgers and some onion rings,” Rick told the young waitress, who didn’t seem the least bit surprised. We decided the griddle-cooked burger would have been somewhat tame if not for the “add-ons” the menu provides. The Texas Monthly burger consists of jalapeno cheese bun, hand-pressed meat patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle, roasted green chiles, cheese, mayo, mustard, grilled onions and avocado slices. It was quite literally … more than a mouthful. I liked how they placed a steak knife through the top of the burger so the whole thing doesn’t slide off the plate. The knife came in handy since we reluctantly shared the burger. At our age, we gotta watch our cholesterol intake. Also, we like to save room for the most important food group on the pyramid … dessert. Rick and I can vouch for the peach crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. Bottom line … the Alamo Springs Café burger did not disappoint. All the ingredients were essential … but the jalapeno cheese bun and green chiles made it sing. I can’t wait till Texas Monthly comes out with their next barbecue issue. I smell another road trip in our future! Dixie Frantz is a longtime Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist since 1996. E-mail Dixie with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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