“So what should I eat when I’m running around town?” my husband queried. Rick and I were standing at the back door peekin’ through the window panes watching the golden finches. They were ravenously chowing down and tweeting ever so sweetly from the two bird feeders in the backyard. We’ve been patiently waiting since right after Christmas for the hordes of little tweet-tweets to come back from wherever they come from every year. We just feed them … have no clue about their migratory patterns. Hubby keeps one ginormous squirrel-proof bird feeder stocked year-round with his favorite seed for the locals. We’ve got the usual suspects that land on the feeder, along with some of our favorite cardinals, blue jays and oh, let us not forget Mr. and Mrs. Woody the Woodpecker. It was only a few weeks back that Rick hung the sock feeder with thistle seed in anticipation of the finches’ arrival, which by the way are more green than golden. I’m guessin’ “golden” is in the eye of the beholder. I think watchin’ the hungry birdies musta got Rick to thinkin’ about our holiday munching habits. Not to mention that annual checkup scheduled with his doctor next month. I seem to remember his bloodwork results turned out a less than stellar report in just one department … evil cholesterol. It’s probably why I schedule my own yearly checkup during the summer when the Frantz family is the most physically active. When the weather is nice, my special needs daughter and I enjoy mini-marathons around the neighborhood. “You know … you probably shouldn’t have done your bloodwork right after Turkey Day. Betcha $9 it was all the homemade pies and cookies that did you in. Seriously, I’d just blame it on the holidays. You could do like the Democratic candidate in the Minnesota Senate race … request a recount,” I said. All the television commercials and news programs on dieting that have been blaring across the boob tube since the beginning of January haven’t been much help either. Of course, flip that remote to a sporting event and there’s just the opposite. There is your greasy fast food, chicken wings dripping with sweet sauces, cheese-drenched pizzas and big juicy hamburgers. And let us not forget how many truly humorous ways advertisers sell beer? “What about if I just skip the greasy fries and eat a burger and a Blizzard while I’m running around town during the week? Wouldn’t that be healthy?” Rick mused. I think it was the Dairy Queen commercial touting their new Blizzard of the month concoction that caused a little trickle of drool to slowly drip down the right corner of his mouth. Who could say no to a Turtle Oreo Blizzard with Pecans? I could feel his pain. DQ dipped cones have always had the power to make me drool. Hopefully, it was apparent by my exaggerated frown that he should stay clear of the DQ burgers … and the Blizzards. “What about ordering a lovely grilled chicken sandwich?” I countered. Now Rick was the one doing the frowning. Darn if the very next television commercial was selling fried chicken. I won’t mention the name of the company. Rick’s eyes lit up as he peered in my direction to see my reaction. “Don’t even bother asking if you can eat fried chicken for lunch. I wouldn’t even ask for a cup of ice from that place. It probably comes right out of the deep fryer,” I said. We had a similar “chicken” discussion after Christmas. We were at the mall to see “Marley & Me” with our special needs daughter. She adores dog movies. But first, a little lunch in the food court was in order. Now when Mimi and I hit the mall by ourselves, we like to squeal Mimi’s wheelchair tires right up to the Chick-fil-A counter. It’s one of the few places where you can tell the chicken nuggets are really made of chicken. I don’t think my husband was impressed. Not enough grease. So while we really haven’t finished our discussion about eating out, Rick and I are making a pact to eat healthier this year. Yep, and continue to feed the birdies in the backyard. Somebody at the Frantz house ought to be enjoying themselves gastronomically. Dixie Frantz is a Kingwood resident and newspaper columnist for the past 12 years. E-mail Dixie with your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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