First off, my apologies to those grammar experts reading this column. You are about to read some things that may cause you to twinge a bit. So, set your red pens aside, relax, and enjoy a playful look at how our days (and our lives) often flow. Fortunately, I enjoyed a great day. Unfortunately, the time was late and I was tired, so I had to stop what I was enjoying and go to bed. Fortunately, I have a comfortable bed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have long to sleep because I had to get up early the next morning. Fortunately, I have an alarm clock. Unfortunately, it woke me up with an irritating buzz. Fortunately, I preset the coffee pot the night before. Unfortunately, I don’t have room service. Fortunately, it was worth the trip to the kitchen to begin the day with a fresh cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I barely had time for a quick cup before I had to hurriedly prepare for the day ahead. Fortunately, I planned a day that would be both productive and fun, including time with friends. Unfortunately, I needed to clean the house before company arrived. Fortunately, my husband helped me get things in order. Unfortunately, we had no snacks to serve our friends. Fortunately, my husband went to the store while I got ready. Unfortunately, his taste in snacks is unusual. Fortunately, so are the tastes of our friends. Unfortunately, the time passed all too quickly. Fortunately, we always enjoy our time with them so the evening overflowed with love and laughter. Unfortunately, we had to clean the kitchen after they left. Fortunately, we have a dishwasher. Unfortunately, it was full of dirty dishes. Fortunately, we worked together and it didn’t take us long to finish. Unfortunately, it was late, I was exhausted, and I knew I would have another early morning start. Fortunately, I have a comfortable bed. Unfortunately, I had to set an alarm that has annoying buzz. Fortunately … So tell me, have you had days like that one? Of course you have; we all have experienced that duo. Days filled with both “fortunatelies” and “unfortunatelies.” Times when plans unfold easily, things flow smoothly, and we encounter numerous pockets of satisfaction, joy and even laughter. Yet, our days also have “unfortunatelies” in them. Times when distractions veer us off course, irritations annoy us, unexpected obstacles challenge our plans and disappointments attempt to rob us of joy. I just wonder: do we approach our days, knowing we will encounter both “fortunatelies” and “unfortunatelies?” If we do so, do we take time to recognize and enjoy the “fortunatelies?” There are a lot of them around, you know. Obvious treasures we plan and prepare for, unexpected surprises we encounter, and little nuggets of joy we would miss if we didn’t look carefully and deliberately for them. Or, do we just zip right by them in our attempt to pack all we can into our day? Do we take them for granted? Do we minimize their value? Do we consider them lucky happenstances? Or, do we count them as blessings? And what about the “unfortunatelies” that come along? Like it or not, no matter how well we try to avoid them, they do find their way into our lives. Sometimes we see them coming, while at other times we’re caught off guard. Sometimes they come with a bang and other times with a whisper. Do we meet them with shock? Do we approach them with dread or fear? Do we sit in the midst of them with frustration, disappointment, even anger? Or do we accept them as reality and see them as the part of life we must press on through? What about today? What “fortunatelies” have you experienced and what “unfortunatelies” have you met along your path? And, most importantly, how have you responded to both? What has captured your attention? What has influenced your attitude? And what has driven your conversations and actions? What will you ponder as you lay your head on your pillow tonight? Unfortunately, I’ve come to the end of this column and you’ll need to finish this story yourself. Perhaps that will be one of the “fortunatelies” to bring you a laugh or two this day! Nancy Williams, M.Ed, LPC is a licensed counselor, life coach, speaker and writer. Send comments or questions to her at

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