Welcome to 2022, which is starting to look like a repeat of 2021. In an effort to rescue us from our fashion doldrums of sweats and yoga attire, fashion designers have completely lost touch with reality.

Last year they took note of the female TV anchors who insisted in showing off their muscled arms in sleeveless attire and bombarded the retail stores with duplicate designs, forgetting that 99% of women over 50 wouldn’t be caught dead in them. And there they languished as we wore comfortable tees and sweatpants, changing tops only if we were broadcast on Zoom.

You would think they might have learned something about what women are willing to wear and what is actually flattering. Wrong! If it is true that during war times and the Depression, women’s clothing designers added flashy touches of gold, silver or sparkles to their designs to boost morale, then they must think we are headed for World War III, just to look at this year’s fashions.

Strolling through Macy’s and Dillard’s during my Christmas shopping, I was blinded by the women’s shoe departments’ bling. There were sandals, pumps, tennis shoes and boots covered in silver, pink and gold glitter. My favorites were the thigh-high stiletto boots in either silver, gold or red glitter. The red ones featured red glittered fringe, just in case they weren’t quite eye-catching enough. I’m not quite sure where you would wear them. Rest assured, if you see them out and about, it is a sight you will never forget. I’m guessing that where you will see them is the markdown rack.

The only way I can account for some of the violations of good taste is if men are designing women’s clothing and shoes. Surely, we wouldn’t do this to each to each other! Let’s face it, men and women just don’t think alike. Here are some examples:

Men’s greatest concern: Am I losing my hair?

Women’s greatest concern: Am I losing my mind?

Men’s travel concerns: I’m really worried about our trip. I don’t think there is a golf course within 50 miles.

Women’s travel concerns: I’m really worried about our trip, what if our hotel doesn’t have hair dryers?

Women: Honey, we’ve been invited to the opening of the new library, Saturday at 7 p.m.

Men: That sounds just great. Check me out something about reloading ammo while you’re there.

Women: Sweetheart, will you watch for a place to stop for lunch that might have some healthy options? You know I am watching my carbs.

Men: We’re in luck, there’s Popeye’s!

Women: Honey, don’t you think we should book a tour guide while we are Paris?

Men: Why? I’m sure everyone speaks English!

Diane Blanco
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