It seems that every time I install the latest and greatest, there are always some changes in how to perform simple functions which then don’t seem so simple anymore. Which is why when I installed the newest system, I discovered it is just fantastic.

For the first time, good old Apple sent me a questionnaire to help them understand my telephone needs. I had no idea they cared, but clearly, they do. Here is a sample:

1. Do you have anxiety when you and your phone become separated?

I used to, but my doctor gave me medication for that.

2. How can we improve the features of your phone?

Well, I would really like it if when I use FaceTime to chat with my kids, I would not actually look like me. I would like to look more like me, say about 20 years ago, OK, maybe 25.

Apple response: Have you tried that great app that makes you look like a cat or a dog?

3. Are there any other applications that we can improve?

As a matter of fact, I have no confidence using Maps. I don’t think Siri likes me. When I miss one of her “turns” she begins barking at me and not in the sweetest voice. I cannot help it if I am directionally challenged.

Apple response: We believe our latest upgrade is going to do the trick for you! We have a new Maps App designed especially for those of you who just need that little extra bit of help. Your new voice is going to be Sylvia, Siri’s overbearing mother.

My first thought was, seriously, Sylvia? But boy was I wrong! Sylvia is my new best friend. She has given me the driving confidence that I need to get out in that demolition derby we call our freeways.

Her directions are spot on. When I attempt a turn too early, she will say, “Oops, don’t turn here, sweetie, go to the next one.” And even with her excellent instructions, I still miss my turn, she says, “OK, honey, we’re gonna try that again and sooner or later we’ll get there!” I’ve bragged about Sylvia to my male friends who have their own directional issues. But Sylvia politely informed me that while she likes a good challenge, not even she can do the impossible.

Diane Blanco
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