I know that many of you have been anxiously awaiting word of what we will be wearing this fall, because heaven knows we need to get out of these cutoffs and baggy shorts, not to mention that those T-shirts we have grown so fond of are a bit worse for the wear.

First, there is some good news. The men and women’s fashion magazines have released their fall forecast via Zoom fashion shows, which I have attended on your behalf. No need to thank me. My only other optional activity was cleaning my oven and regrouting my kitchen tile, so the fashion shows were an easy choice.

The bad news is that the lines between the men’s and the women’s fashions have considerably blurred this season. Not only are skirts prominently featured for women, they are now a staple in menswear. Think of a kilt with a nice tailored jacket. Throw a long, fringed scarf around your neck and you’re set for wherever they will let you in wearing that get-up.

There is also more good news on the fashion front for both men and women; the “puffy” look is definitely in with padded shoulders, down fill and exaggerated pleats and gathers. This means that those 10, 15 or 20 pounds we have gained while marooned at home near the fridge will be nicely camouflaged. The bad news is that while the puffy look is in, we live in Houston, home of the almost year ‘round summer temperatures. So, if you embrace the “puffy look,” you may want to order one or two of those personal fans.

Men, I know this is going to be difficult for you to grasp, but bling is in for men, a little beadwork here, a little fringe there. Camo, which we know you love, has gone over to the women’s side. Sorry!

One good note is that turbans are back, not that I ever remember anyone I know wearing one. Finally, there’s a great use for those scarves languishing in my dresser drawers. Oh, I bought them with abandon when I saw how elegant they looked when combined with the right outfit. I never quite mastered that tying technique, and somehow the color might have just missed a bit. I will admit, I did briefly receive tutorage under the guidance of my friend Carol, but I was a poor pupil. Now, if I can just master the turban wrap so I look more like Grace Kelly than Pirate Pete, I’ll be a happy woman.

Stay safe out there!

Diane Blanco
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