Living through this most “interesting” time in our lives, I have made some observations about my own experiences that may resonate with some of yours. My first reaction to being homebound was, “finally I can really focus on all those household projects I have postponed for years.”

It was with great enthusiasm I prepared to re-grout my kitchen tile, purge and organize my closet (how many times have I threatened to visit that shop of horrors?), and search out and expel every bit of grit, grime and dust.

Projects of this magnitude require extensive planning and preparation to allow for contingencies, such as shortage of work-related products and materials, or lack of exciting snacks and drinks to fuel the project. After the selection of appropriate motivational music, I was ready to begin. Think more Bruno Mars and less Michael Bublé.

I am certain that even the digging of the Panama Canal was not begun with more enthusiasm than my home projects. My vision of a gleaming kitchen floor with squeaky clean grout lost much of its appeal after my energetic scrubbing on all fours resulted in the dermabrasion of most of the skin off my knees. This was evidently a job for a professional, not me.

My bedroom closet would not require quite as much physical labor, as it would the excruciating ability to “cut and run” or a la “Frozen,” “Let it go!” It is not easy to face your mistakes, especially when they might possibly still be wearing a price tag, or just be a horrid example of styles never meant to be worn in sizes larger than a 2. And let me qualify that by saying I am not talking about a size 2 from Chico’s. Ladies, you will have to explain that one to men who have no idea how one chain of popular clothing stores can get away with creating a whole new sizing system to make their customers feel as if they can fit into a small size. We are smarter than that … sometimes.

Visitors to my closet (not that I would ever take anyone in there) would observe that I love hats because I have a lot of them. Last year when Dillard’s had their end of season “Come and get it! We are practically giving great stuff away!” sale, I lucked out and found three of the most divine black fascinators. Think, a giant bow landed on your head perched on a headband with a veil, or a black velvet flying saucer the size of a dinner plate perched on a head band, or a unique cluster of feathers of all sizes gathered together by a shiny rhinestone clasp. Who could resist those? Not me. I am not sure when I am going to wear them, but when I do, it will be unforgettable.

My shoe collection is rather extensive because I have a very difficult foot to fit. Therefore, when I find a shoe that fits in all the places shoes should fit, I am forced to buy it because they are so hard to find. I don’t really wear all of them, but I might, one day. So much for that closet.

Just when I was ready to tackle dust and grime, I remembered that little nasal congestion I get sometimes. I believe that is a medical condition and who needs that right now?

Stay safe out there!

Diane Blanco
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