"Oh, no, Mommy! Look! Hurry and look! It�s terrible!" The startled young mom quickly steered the car over to the side of the road and prepared to stop, convinced something terrible was lurking in the back seat with her anxious four-year-old daughter. "What is it, honey? What's wrong?" "Look, Mommy. Look out the window. God has a crisis!" Trying to get a handle on exactly what was happening, she wondered, "What's she talking about? I know she has an active imagination and is full of curiosity, but God with a crisis? Where did she even learn the word 'crisis'?" She soon realized she didn't typically take her daughter out after dark so perhaps she saw something unfamiliar and assumed it was a problem. She had taught her young one about God's love for them and His creativity so she supposed the bright young mind had somehow linked the two together. Trying to calm her daughter's anxiety while attempting to understand just what caught her eye in the clear night sky, she turned to the little face wide-eyed with wonder, "Okay, honey, tell me. Just what kind of crisis does God have?" "Look. There's a chunk out of the side of the moon!" Relieved. Amused. Surprised that her four-year-old already needed a lesson on the moon's phases, the loving Mom assured her daughter that God was not worried. He knew just what was happening and it was all part of His master design for the world. I've thought about this story a lot since that little one's mother shared it with me. My first thought was pride in the bright mind of that young girl and her genuine concern for God. She loves Him and wants life to be good for Him, just as He's making it so for her. Then I burst into laughter. God with a crisis on His hands: just think! I like to imagine God with a sense of humor and I think He must often be amused at our observations about His creation. I'd like to think that as He heard her outcry, He smiled, "Ah, that's my little one. She loves me so. Look how she cares for Me." If we're honest, we find ourselves at times feeling the same anxiety when we see things happening that don't seem right to us. Illness. Suffering. Injustice. Conflicts. Losses. Waiting. Rejection. Uncertainties. Sometimes life flows just as we want it to with bright sunshine of the day and the full moon lighting the night sky. All is well, we think as we travel along. Then we look up, or around, or maybe within and see that something has happened. The road we're traveling has taken a sharp turn, perhaps to unknown places. There are bumps, potholes, rough patches, and slippery spots. We may even look around and see things missing that were once part of our experience. And we find ourselves muttering, "Oh, no. Something terrible has happened. A crisis!" We know God is all-knowing. Nothing escapes His view or His power. Just because we define life's twists and turns as crises, doesn't mean He does. I believe from the depths of my being that He loves me and has my life firmly set in the palm of His hand. And, yet, I sometimes worry and even cry out in dismay, when all the while God is with me, beckoning me to draw close to Him as He assures me He has everything under control. When He created the moon He also designed its phases and how it would interplay with the rest of His creation. When He created us, He also designed just how He wants our lives to flow and promised to be with us each step of the way. He wants us to love Him and spend time with Him. To care about what's important to Him and enjoy His creation. And He invites us to trust Him with our concerns. Next time you look up and see a chunk out of the moon, smile and rest assured that God does not have a crisis at all. And in this life filled with questions and uncertainties, aren't you glad about that? Nancy Williams, LPC is a licensed professional counselor with a counseling, coaching and consulting practice in Kingwood. Send questions or comments to her at www.nancywilliams.net. Please note this column is not intended to serve as professional advice.

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