Well, folks, Donald Trump is still around, including in Texas. 

His latest stunt to keep his name alive was an open letter asking Gov. Greg Abbott to open the call of the current special legislative to a recount in Texas of the 2020 election.

Let’s get to the bottom of the 2020 Presidential Election Scam!” Trump wrote. Without offering any evidence, he wrote that “Texans know voting fraud occurred in some of their counties.”

Abbott has yet to publicly respond, but the Secretary of State’s office — elections overseer for Texas — announced later that “a full and comprehensive forensic audit” would be performed in four of Texas’s most populous counties.

Wait a minute. Didn’t Trump win Texas by over five percent of the vote? Didn’t the Secretary of State say the election was smooth and apparently fraud-free?

So what purpose will it serve, other than keeping his name alive, and his insistence that despite all proof to the contrary, he won reelection in some states carried by Democrat Joe Biden in 2020?

There was apparently no direct public response from Abbott to Trump’s request. But the office of the Texas Secretary of State — answerable to the governor’s office — later announced there would be a recount of the election in four of Texas’s most populous counties.

The four are Collin and Tarrant Counties, which have historically leaned Republican, and Dallas and Harris, which have become solidly Democratic. Biden handily carried Dallas and Harris, and even Tarrant by two-tenths of a percent. Trump won Collin convincingly. 

Maybe there’s a chance since Trump thinks he won states that he didn’t that he could lose one that he did win. 

Just sayin’.

Masks and moms .... Health care officials are offering the same advice now that they have been for more than a year: mask up, social distance and get vaccinated. It’s advice that has worked recently in other big states, like Democrat-led New York and California. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Abbott has instead used his emergency power to prohibit masking and vaccine mandates.

Abbott’s ban on school mandates to wear masks has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton has sued about half a dozen school districts that have chosen to ignore Abbott’s order. Paxton said that there were 85 public school districts and seven public charter schools requiring their students to wear masks.

One Austin mother said she couldn’t sleep following a declaration in early August about the governor’s ban on mask mandates. As she was stewing, she decided to at least let her anger be publicly known.

She said she was thinking through how to be make her feelings known. She thought about “Mothers Against Drunk Driving,” and came up with the slogan, “Mothers Against Greg Abbott.”

She then realized the first letters of each of those words were “MAGA” — the same four capital letters that Donald Trump’s campaign slogan — “Make America Great Again” — had emblazoned on red caps worn by thousands of Trump supporters.

So, she got red and blue markers and white poster board, and copied the “Mothers Against Greg Abbott” on the mock Texas flag background, highlighting the MAGA letters — and went and stood in front of the state Capitol with her sign — a lone, one-mother protest group.

Pictures of her and her sign were posted on the internet. And things rapidly took off.

It was Kathi Thomas who saw the potential for a movement when she reposted my MAGA poster to her Facebook page. It got so much feedback that she decided to create a Facebook group with the name, certain that I would find my way to it. Through mutual friends, Kathi and I met soon after, and ‘Mothers Against Greg Abbott’ was officially formed by August 9th.” 

They set up an internet website — mothersaginstgregabbott.com — which explains the reasons for the group’s formation, its goals and its invitation for anyone to join in their mission.

Pictures of her with her sign were posted on the internet, and as other interested and talented people contacted her, within days, they were being joined by thousands of people. 

Our group is new and growing quickly, adding as many as 1000 members in a day,” the founder says on their website. “The message resonates, and there is power in numbers.”

We are still forming a long-term strategy and platform that will meet the needs of our membership group, but if there’s something I’m learning from each person that joins and posts their support, it’s how to fight like a mother.” It’ll be interesting to see what impact the grassroots MAGAs have.

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