St. Martha Catholic Church on Woodland Hills Drive in Kingwood ended up as a makeshift shelter for about 100 people last Tuesday night, Aug. 29. Tom Gallagher, the grand knight for the Knights of Columbus, coordinated the effort.

"We actually were not even supposed to be a shelter but residents of the local Arbor Terrace retirement community really needed us," he said.

Due to the overwhelming number of volunteers looking to help those in the community, there has been a large number of reportedly impassable roadways as a result of parked cars lining residential streets.

Please make an effort to consolidate vehicles in an out of neighborhoods as clogged streets make it difficult for city services and emergency responders.

We have resources on the way but due to congested streets they have been delayed. Council Member Martin is working with City garbage right now and asks for your help to clear the roadways as best at possible. Thank you all so much for patience, support, and assistance as we work to get the resources to you.

If residents could coordinate with their neighbors and start minimizing congestion on their own street that would be very helpful as we try to move police/fire/trash trucks.

Braden Hassel's parents went back and forth about buying him a johnboat for his birthday. Their son loves to fish, but like most parents, they deliberated over the expense, whether he was too young, and whether he would use the boat often enough.
Ultimately, they decided to do it and surprised him with the new boat as his gift.

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS—Harris County Precincts and the Harris County Residential Debris and Damage Assessment teams are conducting debris clearance in unincorporated areas of the County affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Debris will be cleared from major Harris County roadways to allow emergency response vehicles to pass through the area to support life-safety operations. Debris clearance will only be conducted in unincorporated areas where high water has receded.

Once emergency roadway clearance is completed, Harris County Precincts and the Residential Debris and Damage Assessment teams will begin debris pick-up operations for residential subdivisions. Please be patient and be prepared by following the
directions in the diagram.

Follow debris separation instructions* in the diagram provided by Harris County to help speed up the process and allow for safe operations.

If you are in the process of clean-up and debris removal from your property, please take precautions to prevent disaster-related casualties and fatalities.

. Be aware of damaged water, gas, and electric lines.
. Be aware of damaged building and construction materials.
. Do not attempt to conduct major tree work or reconstruction without proper equipment, permits, and training.
. Be aware of household hazardous waste and contaminants.
. Report any hazardous materials spills to: Harris County Pollution Control Services Department at 713-920-2831.

HOUSTON, Sept. 1, 2017 – Cardtronics (Nasdaq: CATM), the world's largest ATM owner / operator, in partnership with CVS Pharmacy, today announced the ‘Surcharge-Free ATM Days’ initiative at 250 ATMs in southeast Texas in support of Hurricane Harvey relief and recovery efforts.

Helping Texans focus on their recovery efforts by providing convenient surcharge-free access to cash – ATM surcharge fees[1] will be waived, now through Sept. 17, at 250 ATMs hosted at CVS Pharmacy stores in southeast Texas communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The Surcharge-Free ATM Days initiative presented by Cardtronics, in partnership with CVS Pharmacy, is open to all consumers, who can confirm they are using a participating ATM with two easy steps:

  1. Find the nearest participating CVS Pharmacy location using the Surcharge-Free ATM Days ATM locator:  
  2. Be sure the ATM does not display a surcharge notification screen. If a consumer does not see a surcharge notification screen, they can be confident the ATM transaction is surcharge-free. Please note that any fees an individual’s financial institution may charge for use of the ATM may still apply.

Established in 1993 in Texas, Cardtronics’ North American headquarters and operations are based in Houston.

“Houston is home for hundreds of our employees and that makes it home for Cardtronics,” said Steve Rathgaber, chief executive officer, Cardtronics. “It is our privilege to help Texas communities affected by Hurricane Harvey and the floodwaters that followed by providing people with surcharge-free access to their cash at our ATMs, and it is our sincere hope this provides some measure of relief to Texans in their recovery and rebuilding efforts."