Check out the winners!  the Kingwood Civic Club has announced the winning homes in their annual christmas light contest. Judges fan out over Kingwood and judge decorations looking for the best of the best. 

Here are the 2019 winners:


Best Traditional: 1207 Hamlet Way

Best Religious: N/A

Best Lights: 1210 Eversham Way

Santa’s Favorite: 1307 Buckingham Way

Best Doorway: 1222 Eversham Way

Best Block Spirit: Hamlet Way

Bear Branch

Best Traditional: 3602 Woodbridge Dr.

Best Religious: 3423 Park Royal

Best Lights: 3514 Lost Lake

Santa’s Favorite: 3306 Riverlawn

Best Doorway: 3611 Village Pine

Best Block Spirit: Lost Lake

Deer Cove

Best Traditional: 2211 Deer Cove Trail

Best Religious: 2231 Deer Cove Trail

Best Lights: 2282 Deer Cove Trail

Santa’s Favorite: 2219 Deer Cove Trail

Best Doorway: 2271 Deer Cove Trail

Best Block Spirit: Deer Cove Trail

Deer Ridge Estates

Best Traditional: 10 Magnolia Woods

Best Religious: N/A

Best Lights: 11 Deer Ridge Estates Blvd

Santa’s Favorite: 31 Enchanted Woods

Best Doorway: 22 Holly Ridge

Best Block Spirit: N/A

Elm Grove

Best Traditional: 2902 Maple Heights

Best Religious: 5603 Maple Square

Best Lights: 3202 Brookdale Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 3103 Village Springs Ct

Best Doorway: 3114 Holly Green

Best Block Spirit: Clear Ridge Dr

Fosters Mill

Best Traditional: 2302 Glenburn

Best Religious: 2414 Sandy Grove Ct

Best Lights: 2203 Bluff Creek Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 2118 Forest Garden

Best Doorway: 2403 Sandy Grove Ct

Best Block Spirit: Long Valley Dr


Best Traditional: 3707 Riverwood Park

Best Religious: N/A

Best Lights: 3207 Cedar Village

Santa’s Favorite: 3707 Rock Springs

Best Doorway: 3307 Hickory Falls Dr

Best Block Spirit: 3406 Cedar Village

Hunters Ridge

Best Traditional: 3226 Park Garden

Best Religious: 2914 Silver Falls

Best Lights: 3211 River Valley

Santa’s Favorite: 3835 Village Oaks

Best Doorway: 3650 Clear Falls

Best Block Spirit: N/A

Kings Crossing

Best Traditional: 2806 Hilton Ct

Best Religious: 3314 Redwood Lake Dr

Best Lights: N/A

Santa’s Favorite: 3343 Valley Garden

Best Doorway: 3411 Beech Point Dr

Best Block Spirit: 4026 Buckeye Creek Rd

Kings Forest

Best Traditional: 3019 Forest Laurel

Best Religious: 2903 Royal Circle

Best Lights: 2711 Laurel Garden

Santa’s Favorite: 2502 Kings Forest

Best Doorway: 2907 Trail Lodge

Best Block Spirit: Oak Forks Dr

Kings Point / The Reserve

Best Traditional: 2507 Stately Oak St

Best Religious: 2710 Evergreen Cliff

Best Lights: 5802 Mountain View

Santa’s Favorite: 2726 Evergreen Cliff

Best Doorway: 1726 Lofty Maple

Best Block Spirit: Garden Hollow Ct

Kings Point / Royal Shores

Best Traditional: 6003 Graystone Bluffs Ct

Best Religious: 1622 Lake Wilderness

Best Lights: 5407 Beaver Lodge

Santa’s Favorite: 1114 Royal Shores Cir

Best Doorway: 2006 Seven Maples Dr

Best Block Spirit: Rapid Brook Ct

Kings River #1

Best Traditional: 7802 Pinehurst Shadows

Best Religious: 19826 Sage Tree Trail

Best Lights: 19719 Sage Tree Trail

Santa’s Favorite: 19715 Sage Tree Trail

Best Doorway: 7711 Pinehurst Shadows

Best Block Spirit: Delta Wood Trail

Kings River #2

Best Traditional: 20810 Waterpoint Trail

Best Religious: 6322 Shoreview Ct

Best Lights: 6823 Amber Ash Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 20818 Kings Clover Ct

Best Doorway: 20719 Great Laurel Ct

Best Block Spirit: Pacific Crest Ct

Kingwood Glen

Best Traditional: 19318 Kristin Pine

Best Religious: 6004 Timber Oaks Ridge

Best Lights: 6035 Kingwood Glen

Santa’s Favorite: 19326 Kristin Pine

Best Doorway: 19110 Kelly Oaks Ct

Best Block Spirit: Kelly Oaks Ct

Kingwood Greens

Best Traditional: 15 Links Ct

Best Religious: 51 Green Edge Dr

Best Lights: 2 New Greens Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 2 New Greens Ct

Best Doorway: 26 Golf Links Ct

Best Block Spirit: Green Edge Dr

Kingwood Lakes

Best Traditional: 3603 Mulberry Hills Dr

Best Religious: 3606 Ash Park Dr

Best Lights: 3603 Ash Park Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 2411 Pine Bend Dr

Best Doorway: 2318 Pine Bend Dr

Best Block Spirit: N/A

Kingwood Place

Best Traditional: 1819 Ridgeway

Best Religious: 2018 Blossom Creek

Best Lights: 2219 Blossom Creek

Santa’s Favorite: 2023 Red Magnolia

Best Doorway: 1706 Sandy Trail

Best Block Spirit: Summer Rain Ct

Mills Branch

Best Traditional: 3219 Leafy Pines Dr

Best Religious: 3306 Kings Mountain Dr

Best Lights: 3934 Echo Mountain Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 3602 & 3607 Purple Meadow Lane

Best Doorway: 3706 Babbling Creek

Best Block Spirit: Echo Falls Dr

North Kingwood Forest

Best Traditional: 3222 Same Way

Best Religious: 5715 My Way

Best Lights: 3419 Any Way

Santa’s Favorite: 5723 Rocky Trail

Best Doorway: 3214 Same Way

Best Block Spirit: N/A

North Woodland Hills

Best Traditional: 2103 Silver Falls

Best Religious: 2022 River Village

Best Lights: 2106 Covewood Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 2234 Middle Creek

Best Doorway: 2079 Aspen Glad Dr

Best Block Spirit: Little Creek Dr

Oakhurst #1

Best Traditional: 25425 Ramrock Dr

Best Religious: 25437 Ramrock Dr

Best Lights: 25620 Tiverton Forest Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 21001 Ramrock Ct

Best Doorway: 20698 Oakhurst Meadows Dr

Best Block Spirit: Ramrock Ct

Oakhurst #2

Best Traditional: 24547 Yorktown Heights Dr

Best Religious: 20832 Sweetglen Dr

Best Lights: 20724 Sweetglen Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 12502 Bobigian

Best Doorway: 25247 Sausalito Ln

Best Block Spirit: 25000 Block Stillhouse Springs

Oakhurst #3 / Auburn Trails

Best Traditional: 20641 Eaglewood Forest Dr

Best Religious: N/A

Best Lights: 20153 Southwood Oaks

Santa’s Favorite: 21322 Avett Dr

Best Doorway: 21398 Russell Chase

Best Block Spirit: Avett Meadow Lane


Best Traditional: 2311 Timberbrook Trail

Best Religious: 2102/2103 Prim Water Ct

Best Lights: 2625 Tranquil Oaks Ct

Santa’s Favorite: 6137 Aspen Pass Dr

Best Doorway: 2102 Riverway Oak Ct

Best Block Spirit: N/A

Royal Brook

Best Traditional: 3202 Wyndham Falls Ct

Best Religious: 5807 Fairway Shores

Best Lights: 3342 Ashberry Falls

Santa’s Favorite: 6035 Granite Shadow Lane

Best Doorway: 6223 Emerald Bay Point Lane

Best Block Spirit: Vineyard Creek Lane

Sand Creek

Best Traditional: 2926 Deer Hollow

Best Religious: 5607 Spring Lodge

Best Lights: 5206 Sycamore Creek Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 5323 Blue Creek Dr

Best Doorway: 2707 Highland Fern Ct

Best Block Spirit: Manor Glenn Dr

Sherwood Trails

Best Traditional: 2709 Meandering Trail

Best Religious: 2222 Pine Cone Dr

Best Lights: 2611 Meandering Trail

Santa’s Favorite: 2414 Meandering Trail

Best Doorway: 2415 Meander Trail

Best Block Spirit: N/A

South Woodland Hills

Best Traditional: 1950 Shadow Rock

Best Religious: 2814 Woodland Grove

Best Lights: 2222 Riverlawn

Santa’s Favorite: 2023 Pine River

Best Doorway: 1958 Shadow Rock

Best Block Spirit: Lake Haven


Best Traditional: 2122 Woodstream

Best Religious: 2027 Woodland Valley Dr

Best Lights: 2219 Laurel Hills

Santa’s Favorite: 1906 Thousand Pines

Best Doorway: 1326 Trailwood Village Dr

Best Block Spirit: Forest Manor Dr

Woodridge Forest

Best Traditional: 22739 Adrift Row Ln

Best Religious: 22647 Triangle Ridge Dr

Best Lights: 22639 Triangle Ridge Dr

Santa’s Favorite: 22414 Misty Woods

Best Doorway: 25202 Forest Lake

Best Block Spirit: Triangle Ridge Dr

Woodspring Forest

Best Traditional: 2803 Sandberry Dr

Best Religious: 2814 Woodspring Acres

Best Lights: 4731 Pin Oak Creek

Santa’s Favorite: 4705 Foster Hill Ct

Best Doorway: 2705 Foster Hill Ct

Best Block Spirit: 2700 Crichton Ct


Best Traditional: 2903 Silverberry

Best Religious: 3106 Silverberry

Best Lights: 4911 Berry Knoll

Santa’s Favorite: 4603 Redwood Grove Ct

Best Doorway: 2902 Poplar Valley

Best Block Spirit: South Woodstream Way

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