The newest arrival to grace K-9 Airlift’s Rescue Barn in Huffman is somewhat of a rare creature. Winn Dixie is the miniature offspring of a male horse and a female burro, called a hinny.

She has wild Tina Turner hair for her mane and the tail of a horse. The Rescue Barn is temporarily keeping her in a separate pasture where she can touch noses through the fence with the other herd animals to get to know them.

It is interesting to note that she has identified more with the burros than the horses.

Rescuers are waiting curiously to see if she brays or whinnies, but so far not a peep out of her.

Winn Dixie was shy at first but is warming up to visitors and the other horses and burros.

Winn Dixie was shy at first but in less than a week, she was wandering up to visitors for neck rubs. The thing many at the barn find most fascinating is that she has the magical appearance of a unicorn. Legend has it that unicorns camouflage their horns to prevent them from being hunted. She can make wishes come true, particularly if your wish is to pet her.

The Rescue Barn and K-9 Airlift depend on support from the community. Those wishing to make a donation, either monetary or with supplies, or to volunteer to help, should contact Lynne Jennings, K-9 Airlift director, at 713-854-9080 or send an email with subject line K-9 Airlift to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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