Probably the most popular resolutions earnestly made by people starting the new year have something to do with losing weight, gaining better health or improving physical fitness.

Lifetime Fitness at 20515 W. Lake Houston Pkwy. in Kingwood makes it their business to help people achieve those new year resolutions. Their motto is “I can do it all in my Lifetime.”
The Kingwood facility is one of 10 Lifetime locations in Houston. There is actually a second, larger Lifetime facility right down the road at 13000 Will Clayton Pkwy. The Kingwood facility is designed to be a boutique fitness center.
Sherah Sohr, studio manager at the club, said, “We’re like the TV show ‘Cheers,’ where everyone knows your name. We are close-knit and family-oriented.”

Yoga T-Day was Lifetime’s Move with Gratitude Thanksgiving event, a yoga class accompanied with live music and lattes.

She thinks this atmosphere is created from all of the events and workshops that are held. Sohr said that “our child care center is off the charts, great. It has been run by the same person for 13 years.”
Once you get past the friendly family culture, spa and coffee bar, Lifetime gets serious about improving their members’ health.
Kathryn Head, personal training manager, said, “Personal training at Lifetime is different because we start from the inside out. We meet with each person individually. We go over their sleep habits, their stress, their nutrition, their hormones. We do blood lab tests, metabolic testing, nutrition coaching. We have our own state-of-the-art supplements. The lab tests are reviewed at the corporate office by registered dietitians, and then a report is presented to the member.”
Based on that evaluation, a personal training program is formulated. This is not just a one-stop shop; the customer takes part in a full evaluation and personalized training program. We then set up a success-oriented program and provide an accountability program to make sure the member adheres to the program,” she said.
Depending on the goals the member establishes, the training could include full body workouts for weight loss goals. Plus, they will have cardio homework to do on their own. The workouts will be designed around the personal characteristics of the member. Then the program goes into toning and building lean muscles. Everyone is different, but the program is based solely on the member.
Head said, “Lifetime has its Core 3 program. Know it. Nourish it. Move it. Know what’s going on the inside. We offer nutrition coaching. Move it is the exercise part of it.”

RUNdeer Run. Run Club Holiday Run was held Tuesday, Dec. 19. The Run/Walk Club meets on Tuesdays at 8:45 a.m.

According to Head, “Typically people wait until after the holidays to get started. We think the best thing is to start with a good game plan and stick with it. Some people will stay in the program a month and then go on their own. Others realize they need to reach out for help longer and obtain ongoing accountability.”
Sohr explained that her responsibility is group fitness, which encompasses studio classes, yoga and indoor cycle classes.
Sohr said, “Lifetime has 80 classes per week. We also have a lot of events, where the class participants come together for special fun things for members to do. The classes follow the five Lifetime signature programs which include Barbell Strength, Strike (martial arts), TCX (total conditioning extreme), Life Barre which is ballet-based using weights, and Warrior Sculpt. The most popular thing is the Gluteus MAXout program which covers lower body glutes and legs. This is the newest and hottest thing at the club.”

Ignite the Night is an annual glow dance event.

Sohr also talked about the yoga programs and said that 25 percent of the schedule is yoga and that this program has grown 130 percent in a year.
Lifetime is a national company with multiple locations in Houston. Memberships can be designed to meet the members’ needs, whether individual, family, corporate or multi-club use. Rates vary but start at $79 per month.
Sohr said that they have an app which allows members to reserve an exercise bike or other facilities online.
She noted that they had quite an influx of members when the Kingwood YMCA was flooded. Lifetime is now accommodating these transferred members.
A special program is starting this month which is named “Commit to Fit.” This is a full campaign to transition member goals through the various programs and events and to help members achieve their goals.

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