Dear Editor:

The James Tull Chapter,NSDAR of Humble would like to recognize Sept. 26,2021 as National Gold Star Mom’s Day. Gold Star Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to pay our respects to the mothers of fallen soldiers, sailors, marines, guardsmen, reservists and coast guard, and to reassure them that their children’s legacies live on because of their valor, honor and patriotism.

Jane Thomas, regent



Dear Editor:
The 20th Anniversary Commemorations of 9/11 led me to reflect upon the War on Terror. The United States has been attacked twice in the past 20 years: Sept. 11, 2001 and Jan. 6, 2021. The 9/11 attack was executed by Arabic Islamic terrorists and the Jan. 6 attack by predominantly American Christian terrorists. After the 9/11 attack, Americans were united against a common enemy and the War on Terror began. After the Jan. 6 attack, Americans were divided because the enemy was within. Instigation of the Jan. 6 attack and the division of America are events that occurred during the Donald Trump administration. The GOP’s refusal to treat the Jan. 6 attack as terrorist aggression and to hold the instigators accountable is tacit support for terrorism. There is no better time than now for Americans to unite once again in the War on Terror by voting elected GOP office holders out of office.

Greg Hendrickson, Kingwood



Dear Editor:

In defending grades and competition in school, C. Robertson said, “ … should I ever need surgery I will look for the doctor that graduated at the top of their class (based upon grades) …” (6-9-2021 Letters). Let’s consider Einstein’s college education. He entered ETH Zurich in 1896 and graduated in 1900. Five students took the graduation exam. They (with their exam scores shown parenthetically) were: Louis Kollros (60.0), Marcel Grossmann (57.5), Jacob Ehrat (56.5), Albert Einstein (54.0), and Mileva Maric (44.0). Ms. Maric failed and didn’t graduate. She took the exam again the next year, and failed again. In 1903, she married Einstein. They had 3 children (2 boys and a girl). The girl was born in 1902, and no one knows what became of her. Mileva never graduated from college. So, of the four students who passed the exam and graduated, Einstein finished dead last! So, Charlton, if you’re going to choose a doctor based on grades, then maybe you should choose the one who finished at the bottom of the graduating class! Clearly, the student who finishes at the top is not always the brightest class-member.

Bill Bailey, Kingwood



Dear Editor:

Biden’s campaign motto was “Build Back Better.”  His only ‘accomplishment’ (???) so far has been to build the Taliban back better than it ever has been! That has been at a horrific cost to our nation in terms of world image, national honor and arming the Taliban with billions of U.S. taxpayer supplied weapons of war. Many, many American citizens were left behind enemy lines when the last flight left Kabul on the cutoff date set by Biden. In addition, thousands of native Afghanis who helped our military were also stranded there in extremely vulnerable jeopardy. He also opened the flood gates at our southern border to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from around the world that is continuing to this day. He put VP Harris in charge of resolving that massive problem that he himself created on his first day in office. She has done absolutely nothing to even reduce that flow. As if the above isn’t horrible enough, Biden wants to spend almost five (5) TRILLION more dollars while inflation is already soaring in the USA that hurts the most vulnerable among us. One can only hope for divine intervention to turn the direction of our country around and in a corrective trajectory!

Robert L. Gabler, Kingwood


Dear Editor:

Bill Bailey and others have been relentless in personally attacking President Trump. Bill even stated he did not concern himself with Trump’s policies only his personal actions. Now, instead of critiquing President Biden’s personal behavior (which I have no intention of doing) or critiquing his policies we get another letter ridiculing religion. I have not seen a single poll or survey that shows the American public is worried whether prayer is futile. But President Biden’s poll numbers are plummeting, due to: chaos at the Southern border (drugs, gang members and terrorists), turbulence in Afghanistan (terrorists), crime (particularly in Democratic controlled cities), inflation (partly caused by dependence on foreign oil and the printing of money), and COVID-19 (candidate Biden and Harris having both stated they would not take the vaccine if developed under the Trump administration yet are demonizing those that have not been vaccinated). With that said, the most loyal Democrat voting block are black Americans and only 60% of them are vaccinated. Does that make President Biden a racist since he has demonized 40% of the black race? If you listen to the president and the mainstream media you are led to believe it is only Trump supporters that are not vaccinated. “Look Over There, Not Over Here.” President Biden really cannot be defended. So, I understand the diversion. I suspect that some of you are / were Hillary supporters (and possibly “held your nose” as you voted for Biden). I will be interested in your comments now that the Durham investigation is finally being made public, and it appears that “all roads lead” to Hillary (regarding the Russian collusion hoax). I tip my hat to the Democrats; they can lie, cheat, and create diversion with the best. Keep in mind, I warned you about certain Republicans as well. 

Charlton Robertson, Kingwood

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