Dear Editor:

For years pro abortionists have told us “My Body My Choice.” Are you saying those that do not want the government telling them what to do with their bodies (regarding vaccines) are possibly hypocrites? Is this not “the pot calling the kettle black?” The difference is, when an abortion happens, it is the taking of a human life (a heartbeat can be detected as early as six weeks). No, do not tell me if you are not vaccinated you are putting other people at risk. If you are vaccinated and truly believe in the vaccine and follow the CDC guidelines, then you are protected, correct? If you are still concerned about those that are not vaccinated possibly infecting you, then you must be skeptical of the vaccine, yet want to force it upon everyone else. Actually, it has been proven that vaccinated people can become infected and infect others. The latest studies are saying that the vaccines are only 66% effective. Now we are being told a booster shot is required. Maybe it is time to “follow the money.” We can usually count on CNN to enlighten us as to the left’s real intent, control over the U.S. population. Don Lemon stated that if you are not vaccinated and contract COVID-19, you should be denied access to a hospital. What’s next, smokers that develop lung cancer should not be treated, obese people that have a heart attack should not be treated and what about people that engage in risky behavior and contract HIV, should they not receive treatment as well? Why have two of the top individuals at the FDA resigned? I suspect CNN failed to cover the details of that story if they even mentioned it at all. And seriously, those that are not vaccinated are being compared to the Taliban. And you are OK with abortion? 

Charlton Robertson




Dear Editor:

Two groups of teachers teach contradictory lessons. Sunday school teachers teach folks to believe. They teach that everything in the Bible is God’s word and therefore true. On Monday morning, children go to regular school and they receive the opposite message. They are taught to think critically by viewing most statements (call one T) as possibly false and they should try to find a good argument or empirical evidence of T’s falsity. Galileo thought critically. He devised an excellent argument against Aristotle’s theory that heavy bodies fall to earth faster than lighter bodies. Galileo concluded that all bodies fall to earth at the same rate if we ignore wind resistance. Aristotle also taught that velocity indicates the presence or absence of forces acting on a body. Galileo wondered about that theory so he began rolling balls down inclined planes. The end result of those experiments was the law of inertia, which basically says that acceleration — not velocity — indicates the presence or absence of forces acting on a body. Einstein was a critical thinker. His reading of science books, begun in earnest at age 10, led him at age 12 to conclude that “much in the stories of the Bible could not be true.” An argument against the power of prayer is: We’re told that some 6 million Jews perished in Hitler’s concentration camps. Surely many of them prayed for help. What good did it do them? None at all! God stood idly by and watched 6 million men, women and children (including 15-year-old Anne Frank, her sister Margot and their mother) be slaughtered. Conclusion: prayer is futile. Einstein thought so too, but his argument differs from mine. Church thinking and critical thinking are polar opposites.

Bill Bailey




Dear Editor:

As Harris County grows and changes, Precinct 4 continues to expand services to new areas. Your Precinct 4 parks department begins work this year to bring the Spring Creek Greenway Trail into Tomball and the Creekside area. This expansive trail offers stunning creek views, forest habitats and hiking and biking opportunities from Spring to Humble. We can’t wait to provide this wonderful amenity to more Precinct 4 residents. Stay tuned for updates and watch us grow! We also offer a variety of festivals and outdoor events this fall for residents of all ages. Take advantage of the cooler weather and spend a night under the stars watching “The Lorax” on the big screen. If you love gardening, attend the Pollinator Festival at Mercer Botanic Gardens to shop plants and try out a variety of fun activities. Those with children won’t want to miss Tricks and Treats Among the Trees at Jones Park and Sunday Afternoon in the Park at Burroughs Park. 

Jack Cagle, commissioner

Harris County Precinct 4

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