Dear Editor:

As we get closer to our summer months, please keep in mind hurricane season starts June 1 and being prepared for upcoming storms should be a priority now. Prepare you and your family today by following a four-step preparedness process: make an emergency plan, have an emergency kit, be informed about disasters and help members of your community prepare themselves. The city additionally offers a free Disaster Preparedness Guide for all Houston residents, which is available for download at For a free, printed copy of the guide, residents can call 311 at 713-837-0311. This guide aides Houstonians through the emergency preparedness process, which include having an emergency kit, a disaster plan, staying informed and knowing your neighbors.

Dave Martin



Dear Editor:

As the massive invasion of ‘our’ country’ intensifies daily, Biden and Harris incredibly continue to ignore it as though it isn’t happening.  Both of them took oaths (as God as their witnesses!) to preserve and protect the American people. By pretending there is not an invasion of our southern border, both are betraying their oaths and every taxpayer in the USA. Such huge numbers of illegal aliens have and continue to substantially increase cost to our country in terms of our own health and healthcare in America, our school systems and our taxpayer-funded social services, not to even mention the increases in crime. Why aren’t Biden/Harris voters everywhere demanding that the president and his vp take definitive actions to stop the invasions.......NOW???!!!

 Robert L. Gabler



Dear Editor:

C. Robertson says, “Man by nature is lazy …” (Letters 5-5-2021). Oh really? Einstein was largely self-taught. His self-education began around age 10. He dropped out of school at age 15. Once admitted to college, he seldom attended class. He had so antagonized his college professors that upon his college graduation in 1900, none of his professors would hire or recommend him for a job. In 1902, he finally got a full-time job working at Bern, Switzerland’s patent office, where he remained until academe beckoned in 1909. He married in 1903, and in 1904, his first son was born. In 1905, he submitted six papers that revolutionized physics and he did physics in his spare time (for seven years, he worked eight hours a day, six days a week at the patent office; he had to sleep at night; and he had family responsibilities beginning in 1903). One of those six papers won him the Nobel Prize, and it was not for his relativity theory! It was for his photon theory of light, which explained the photoelectric effect. And C. R. considers him “Lazy by nature, both mentally and physically.” Einstein was not competing with anyone; he just wanted to understand how the physical world works. He said, “I have no special talent; I’m just passionately curious.” Now to competition. Should a husband and wife compete against each other or cooperate with one other? Same query re students. W. Edwards Deming removed grade competition from the equation at the beginning of each college course he taught. Reason: He wanted students to cooperate—not compete— with one other. C. R. says government-provided free education is good because it “benefits all of society.” Then the government should provide everyone with free food, clothes, shelter and medicine. They too benefit all of society.

Bill Bailey



Dear Editor:

I believe my letters have been crystal clear regarding who is pushing socialism on this country. The Democratic Party. I did not say nor suggest that all democrats are socialists. Here is a quote from one of my letters: “Wake up people! You are being bamboozled by both parties.” This was an alert to all voters that the party they have been supporting maybe was not who they thought they were. The question that begs to be asked is: Why would a capitalist continue to support the Democratic Party in this day and time? A party that wants to re-distribute wealth wants to impose an income tax on the wealthy as much as 70-90%, says that capitalism is racist. Does this mean that Warren Buffet is a racist? But we now have a bigger problem than socialism. The Democratic Party is now supporting anarchy. You have a U.S. congresswoman, Maxine Waters (with Nancy Pelosi supporting her), on the street telling the rioters to be more confrontational, AOC and the squad doing the same thing, as well as the liberal talking heads in the main stream media. If this support of anarchy continues and people continue to vote for democrats, then I will have to question them. And do not throw Jan. 6 at me. That was one isolated incident that Republican senators and congressmen condemned as well as conservative talking heads. The riots and looting have been taking place for a year. And do not think that this anarchy cannot directly affect you. Just ask the restaurant patrons and people living in their houses and apartments that have been harassed and intimidated by the mob, not to mention all the small business owners that had their businesses destroyed. Once again: Wake up people!

Charlton Robertson

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Anarchy: The term anarchy is derived from the ancient Greek root anarchos (“without authority”), denoting the absence of the rule of law or of settled government. Democrats do not want anarchy, as Charlton Robertson alleges. And they do not...

Anarchy: The term anarchy is derived from the ancient Greek root anarchos (“without authority”), denoting the absence of the rule of law or of settled government. Democrats do not want anarchy, as Charlton Robertson alleges. And they do not support socialism or communism.

Now what do Democrats want? Here are a few things:

Raising the minimum wage to a living wage. A progressive tax rate. Rolling back corporate tax cuts.

Better healthcare - a public option alongside strengthening the Affordable Care Act. Access to high-quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.

Equal rights for all Americans, including the LGBTQ+ community. Support gay marriage. Allow gay and transgender to serve in the armed forces. Decrease military spending.

Build a road map to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers, caregivers, students, and children who are an essential part of the US. Transition to an alternative energy future.

Universal background checks, ending online sales of guns and ammunition, prevent individuals convicted of hate crimes from having weapons, ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, encourage states to license firearm owners, and repeal the law protecting gun companies from most lawsuits.

And Democrats want to restore the full powers of the Voting Rights Act, making it easier, not harder to vote. Turns out the majority of Americans agree with the Democratic Party, as the last election showed.

Anarchy is the domain of a political party in the midst of a melt down, attacking our elections and Capitol. Democrats believe in a positive future for America.

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Kat McManis
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