Dear Editor:

I wish to thank Bill Bailey for acknowledging that he believes in socialism, or at least is willing to defend socialism. I believe that will help put his letters in perspective. I do find it curious that one of his criteria for determining whether a person is suitable to be president is “Has X demonstrated a basic understanding of the U.S. Constitution?” Would someone please advise me where in the U.S. Constitution it promotes socialism as the basis for the founding of the United States? If socialism is superior to capitalism, then why are thousands of people from all over the world, particularly from south of our border, trying to move to the United States? Why are they not moving to Venezuela or Cuba? Bailey also states that he rejected Pres. Trump without ever considering his position on economic and /or social issues; interesting. I look forward to his critique of Joe Biden. One of Biden’s biggest accomplishments after over 40 years in the federal government was to leverage his position to make millions for himself and family. But that is how socialism works. The political elites (who work for us) live a far better life style than the citizens are allowed to. Under socialism, the government and /or their cronies control the written and spoken word. Sound familiar? I raised my three boys on a capitalist foundation: get an education, stay out of trouble, live a moral and ethical life and you are limited only by your desire and determination. That is how someone can start with nothing and become “a rich greedy person” as I advised in a prior letter. How do you raise a child under socialism? “Don’t worry, the government will take care of you.”

Charlton Robertson,
aka “Reader Z”



Dear Editor:

We live in the world that voters choose. Over the past few years, the Houston/Kingwood area has experienced its fair share of disasters – floods, hurricanes, freezes and a pandemic. The price paid after each disaster is familiar to all – bury the dead, replace wet carpet and Sheetrock, fix broken pipes and/or search for stores stocked with essentials (toilet paper, food, water and gasoline). The forces of nature are inevitable but the consequent infrastructure failures are a choice. When voters send representatives to Austin and Washington D.C. who know nothing about governance or intend to destroy government, who deny facts (science, climate, medical, or truth itself), and/or who represent special interest groups instead of the citizens or who are incompetent, the infrastructure failures should not surprise anyone. The leadership failures and consequent infrastructure failures during disasters reflect the will of the voters. The next time disaster strikes keep in mind that we live in the world that voters choose.

Greg Hendrickson
via email



Dear Editor:

 Although this list isn’t complete, you need a state-issued photographic identification card to buy certain commodities such as alcohol and cigarettes; open a bank account; apply for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or welfare; rent an apartment or car; buy a house, car, gun, or a cell phone plan; rent an apartment or hotel room; apply for a license to go hunting or fishing; pick up a drug prescription; or board an airplane.

Seems to me, voting in elections should be on this list all over the country, too.

Paul Campbell


Women’s Sports

Dear Editor:

With the former Mr. Richard Levine so much in the news recently at his confirmation hearings, “transgenderism” is very much in the news. This concept simply does not hold scientifically in humans. Yes, some other species in nature - some fish, slugs, and butterflies for example – can change their biological sex, but they are genetically programmed for it. Humans are not. And, sadly, with that in mind, I think about women’s sports. Raised in a family with four sisters, all athletically inclined, I am sad for young women today on teams that find themselves competing with biological men because they live in jurisdictions that allow it. On average, men are physiologically stronger than women because they have greater muscle mass, and bones that are denser and stronger. This naturally makes men better than women at some physical activities. It is neither sexist nor misogynist to say that. A biological male will have certain advantages when competing with biological females. 

As the news in recent years has shown, many biological males are competing and winning against females because of belief in the false ideology that people can willfully change their sex.

Andrew Gayre 



Dear Editor:

Last month’s winter weather storm we now know as Uri challenged us all. Your Precinct 4 Road and Bridge crews and Community Service Department worked night and day to keep your 300-plus bridges and 2,700 miles of roads safe.

Millions of Texans went without electricity and water during one of the coldest weeks in Texas history. We lost neighbors from hypothermia and from carbon monoxide poisoning while attempting to stay warm without power. Many of our neighbors suffered burst pipes and property damage. We still contend with a need to boil water, a lack of running water and scarce plumbing supplies in many parts of our precinct.

As recovery continues, please watch out for scammers. Only trust information posted on official websites and verify all information. If you suspect disaster fraud, please contact the FEMA Fraud Investigations and Inspections Division at 1-866-223- 0814.

If you are one of the many residents affected by excessively high electrical bills, please know that Gov. Greg Abbott instructed the Public Utilities Commission to suspend electrical disconnections due to nonpayment until the state looks into the matter.

Jack Cagle
Commissioner, Precinct 4



Dear Editor:

I don’t believe that Joe Biden is making actual presidential decisions. If that is so, then who is making those decisions? He only reads from the teleprompter what someone else has written for him to say. If Joe isn’t writing those scripts, who is? Every American has a right to know who is running our country!

Robert L. Gabler

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