Two letter writers (11-4-2020) criticize me for voicing religious views that differ from theirs. To them I say, “You never will learn anything if you refuse to consider ideas that differ from the ones you now believe!” I’ve argued that prayer is futile. Einstein agreed, but his argument differs from mine. Mine stems from me opening my eyes, observing the world, and drawing some logical conclusions from the things I see. Example 1: Some six million Jews, including 15-year-old Anne Frank, her sister Margot, and their mother, died in Hitler’s concentration camps. Surely many of the six million prayed for help. What good did it do them? None! God stood idly by and watched all six million perish. Example 2: Go online and read  about Kara Neumann, Ava Worthington, Neil Beagley, Brendon Schaible and David Hickman. Those five children died because their parents believed the Bible’s James 5:15 to be true. Instead of taking those gravely ill children to a doctor, their parents prayed for the children to get well. Result: All five children died, and some of the parents went to prison for child neglect! Now to Einstein’s anti-prayer argument. He said, “Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the actions of people. For this reason, a research scientist will hardly be inclined to believe that events could be influenced by a prayer, i.e., by a wish addressed to a supernatural Being.” Einstein’s scientific study led him to conclude at age 12 that “much in the stories of the Bible could not be true.” He described himself as “a deeply religious nonbeliever.”

Bill Bailey - Kingwood




The United States was founded by white Western European men. It was their ideas, culture, work ethic, capitalism and constitution that this country has flourished under for over 200 “WHITE PRIVILEGE” years. For the first 150 years or more, the majority of the immigrants to the United States were white western Europeans. It was their blood, sweat and tears that built this country (and no, the slaves did not build this country. If it was slavery, then countries on the African continent would be thriving like the United States). So, what would you expect the United States to look and function like? Mexico, China, Iraq? No, it is going to look like the founding fathers. The idea was to immigrate to this country and assimilate. To this day people of all races and color immigrate to this country because they know they can improve their lives (they must not have gotten the liberal memo that this country is “racist”). But you have to be willing to get an education, get a job, stay out of trouble, maintain a traditional family structure, and assimilate. If you are nonwhite and you think your struggles are because of “White Privilege,” then your beef is not with me. It is with your ancestors for having immigrated to a predominantly white culture knowing their chances at success would be better than their native country. And quit using the excuse that you are a victim and follow my advice above and create your own “Privilege.” 

If you are a descendent of slavery, your beef is not with me either. It is with your ancestors that allowed themselves to be captured by other blacks and placed into slavery (I reference my letter regarding slavery in the July 15 Tribune). And quit playing the victim card (and quit voting for Democrats)! So, if you think that I am going to feel guilty and need to apologize for being a white male of Scottish descent, then you are delusional. 

Charlton Robertson - Kingwood

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