Dear Editor:

Thank you so much for such a beautifully written article. Tom Broad caught the essence and Cynthia Calvert, thank you for asking him to cover the story. I was wondering how we could get this project into the prisons.

Rozalie Jerome
Executive Director, Holocaust Remembrance Association



Dear Editor:

I am writing this email to express my disappointment, and disgust, with what has become the weekly personal column of Mr. Bill Bailey and his liberal and opinionated tirades against the President of the United States - Mr. Trump and Christians.  Mr. Bailey is certainly entitled to his liberal ramblings about conservatives and ridiculing the Christian faith - that is his guaranteed (even if wrong) right. However, are there no other contributors to this “open forum” where his bashing makes every issue of your publication? As a member of our community for 35+ years, I look forward to receiving our local “newspaper” as an informative medium for our community’s happenings. Yet, it appears it is becoming progressively more liberal biased like the mainstream media - ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, and The Houston Chronicle, to name a few. 

Tony Fernandez
via email


Editor’s Note: We print every letter we get and Mr. Bailey sends a letter for almost every issue. I welcome all letters, even those I do not personally agree with.



Dear Editor:

We conservatives have been told for years, for decades, that we need to be more tolerant and inclusive, more accepting of other lifestyles and people that are different than us. Well, let’s see: President Obama said “They cling to guns or religion.” Hillary Clinton called us “Deplorables.” Joe Biden has now called us “Chumps.” Historian Jon Meacham, who has endorsed Joe Biden, describes Trump supporters as ‘anguished’ white guys with ‘lizard brain.’ Bill Bailey has once again mocked religion. Those comments do not sound like someone who is tolerant and inclusive. Don’t misunderstand, you can call me names all day long. I am very confident as to who and what I am. The Left just needs to practice what they preach. The Left is like the Wizard of Oz: “Don’t look behind the curtain.” As more details are being divulged, we see who (Hillary Clinton) was really using Russian dis information. We are also getting a better idea as to who (Joe Biden) used Ukraine/China for their personal gain. (who are the “suckers” now?) It has been said that if you want to know what the Democrats are up to just listen to what they are accusing the conservatives of doing. Because that is exactly what they are doing. If the Left truly believe that their ideas and policies are what the American public wants then why do they try to silence (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Colleges) conservative points of view? Is it because they know if the citizens are able to compare the two systems the liberal ideas will be rejected? Why does the Left threaten to “pack the court /” I am still waiting for someone to defend what the Left stands for.

Charlton Robertson


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