Anti-Trump, OK

Dear Editor:

 I get it, some of you are anti-Trump. I would be interested to see a defense of the following anti-Trump policies: 

(1). Socialism. (2). Tax the rich more. What levels of income pay what percentage of the federal income taxes? Hint: the lower 50% of wage earners in the U.S. pay about 4% of the federal income taxes. (3). Open borders. If we allow illegal immigration into our country, states, counties, cities and neighborhoods, then why can they not move into our houses as well? Far-fetched? Listen to what BLM is saying. (4). Medicare and free college for all. Cost? (5). Green New Deal. Cost? (6). Elimination of fossil fuel. What will the solar panels and the windmills be made out of? How many acres of land will have to be cleared of trees in order to accommodate all the solar panels and windmills? And then there are all the everyday products that require the chemicals that come from oil and gas. (7). Riots/looting. Once Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo (CNN) realized that the riots were hurting Joe Biden’s poll numbers, they came out against it. Prior Chris Cuomo said, “Who said protests had to be peaceful?” (8). Defund the police. (9). Late-term /partial birth abortion. (10). COVID. When President Trump enacted the travel bans, he was called racist. At the same time, Nancy Pelosi was telling people, “Come to China Town (San Francisco), everything is fine.” Mayor de Blasio was saying the same thing about New York City. What states were putting COVID patients back into nursing homes? New York and Michigan. (13). Racism: Democrats supported the Jim Crow laws. Chief Justice Earl Warren (Republican) overturned the Jim Crow laws. Prior to COVID, blacks, Hispanics and women had one of the lowest unemployment rates ever.

I ask the anti-Trump people to stand for something (the above issues) rather than against something (President Trump). 

Charlton Robertson


Good news!

 Dear Editor:

 We can all use some positive news during these tough times. I’m proud to announce that Harris County Commissioners Court provided $25 million in rental assistance in August for families and landlords. We hope this fund offers much-needed relief for those struggling to pay rent during the COVID-19 pandemic. In other good news, crews demolished an abandoned building along FM 1960 this month, thanks to a dedicated group of community members who fought long and hard for the building’s removal. Tackling blight requires a community wide response, and active community members like these help keep our community beautiful. Kudos to the Harris County Attorney’s Office for reaching an agreement with the owner that led to the demolition. Harris County continues to offer free COVID-19 testing and community resources. I encourage you to take advantage of this expanded testing capacity while it lasts. Additionally, Harris County Public Health offers free personal protective equipment to non profits and businesses.

 Jack Cagle, Commissioner
Precinct 4


Dear Editor:

 In Harris County, we are expanding voter access to give voters more options to have their voice heard and cast their votes safely. Voting by mail is hands down the safest method to vote this November. I encourage all eligible voters to apply to vote by mail and return their application and ballot as soon as possible to avoid delays. Voters concerned with mail delays will be able to drop off their marked ballot in person at any of the county’s 11 offices and annexes during business hours, beginning whenever they receive their ballots and continuing through Election Day, Nov. 3, at 7 p.m. This is the first time in Harris County history where voters can drop off their marked ballots during the early voting period to ensure on-time delivery. We encourage eligible voters to use this method of voting to avoid long lines at voting centers. The earlier you apply to vote by mail, the faster my office can mail your ballot to you. Don’t hesitate to mail it back to us, but you also have the choice to utilize our drop-off locations to return your ballot directly. For more information, visit

 Chris Hollins
Harris County Clerk

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