Intellibot made its debut in December One of Intercontinental Airport Houston’s newest employees weighs 600 pounds, is three and a half feet tall, cost $31,500 and can scrub 70,000 square feet of airport floor space in one shift, without an operator. The Intellibot IS800 promised to minimize the labor-related costs of scrubbing floors in Bush Intercontinental Airport. “Intellibot increases our efficiency because it works with limited human interaction,” said Kenneth Brooks, senior superintendent of building service at IAH. The Intellibot has 20 sonic sensors along its side and front that tell the machine where it is at all times. In the event that the Intellibot encounters an obstacle while operating, it will swerve or stop until the object moves or is removed. If the machine requires any assistance while working, including a low battery, it will notify the operator. “Once the operator programs it to clean certain sections of the floor, it will work tirelessly until it is finished. The Intellibot frees the operators to perform other cleaning jobs, such as dusting terminal facilities, while it is busy. When it is finished cleaning its assigned section of the floor, it will page us,” said Brooks. In keeping with better efficiency, the Intellibot has an internal water filtration system that constantly filters, cleans and returns the 50 gallons of water for reuse. “It will clean approximately 31,000 square feet before the water needs to be replenished,” he said. “Use of the Intellibot is one of the many ways we are working to increase our efficiency without increasing cost,” Brooks added. Houston Airport Service’s building maintenance at IAH employs 261 people working around the clock to keep a gleam on the floor and clean all the public areas in the airport terminals. Resident airlines clean their own gate areas and jetways. For additional information about Houston Airport Services, go to

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