Ethan Williamson is an 8-year-old second grade student at Greentree Elementary School in Kingwood, who is battling cancer. "Ethan Stay Strong" is a website set up to help Ethan and his family as they go with him down a journey that no young boy should have to travel. Ethan was recently diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. According to his parents, David and Tiffany Williamson, the diagnosis for Ethan was discovered just a short time ago. "About a month and a half ago, I was telling him goodnight and gave him a hug," said Ethan's dad, David. "While hugging him, I felt a lump on his cheek. I asked him if he got hit and if it hurt. He responded 'no' to both questions. I told my wife my findings and she made an appointment shortly thereafter, which has led to where we are now." The Williamson family finds strength in prayer, as they deal with doctors and treatments for their son. Ethan has two younger siblings, 6-year-old Blake and 2-year-old Linley. His father is a Houston Police officer in Kingwood and his mother works for the Houston Police Officers Pension System (HPOPS). Ethan's dad recalls what happened when they first heard the unexpected news. "When we found out Ethan had cancer, I contacted my partner Bill Lacy, who notified my chain of command and other officers I work with," David said. "Bill and his wife, Kim, set up the Facebook page ( along with the donation website to include meal donation. David further explained that Bill and Jimmy McIntosh, of the HPD Kingwood substation, set up a bank account for immediate donations. "My supervisor, Sgt. Ray Pearson, Lt. Christina Salazar and Capt. Mark Fougerousse have been in continuous contact with me regarding this situation and have expressed genuine concern for me and my family," said David. "Lt. Salazar is working with others to organize a fundraiser on Ethan's behalf. Details are pending at this time. Also, through the Facebook page, many HPD officers have made generous donations and have given strong words of support and encouragement." David explained that the support from the Montgomery County Police Department and Fire Department began with a cold water challenge, which was started by HPD Officer David Gould, his wife, and family member Brian Dunn, who is a Deputy with Montgomery Coounty Precinct 4. "During these cold water challenges, ice and cold water is jumped into or dumped on their heads. Upon completion, they challenge others to do the same and/or make a donation to a charity of their choice in this case, Ethan," he said. "One of the persons challenged was Constable Rowdy Hayden of Precinct 4 and some of his command staff. Montgomery County District Attorney Bret Ligon was challenged and it went off from there." Prior to this, David did not know most of the people from the other agencies, but he said, "It just goes to show you how special it is to be a police officer and be a part of the brotherhood that we share with one another. It doesn't matter that we know one another, when a brother in blue is in need, we all step up to show support in whatever way we can. This is one of the reasons why I love being a police officer," he said. Ethan's mom is truly amazed by the amount of support from every arena Texas Children's Hospital, Greentree Elementary, Woodridge Baptist Church family, parents, friends, HPD, HPOPS and other police agencies. In addition, Ethan's school is displaying "Greentree is Ethan Strong" on their marquee showing their support. "I'm not sure if there are enough words to express our gratitude to everyone that has helped our family," said Tiffany. "We moved to the Kingwood area about a year ago because we wanted to be a part of the family-friendly environment Kingwood has to offer. We were greeted with that from the moment we needed it. I am sure we would have never received this type of support had we dealt with this in the area we used to live. From our Gator family at Greentree Elementary to the officers and deputies in the area and beyond, to the church and local businesses, it has been a blessing." The Williamsons recall the day they received the phone call from the doctor saying they needed to talk to both of them together. "I knew something was wrong," David explained. "I mean, they aren't going to ask to speak to us together to tell us everything is great and we can leave the hospital." He said that a nurse stayed with their younger children, as five or six doctors walked them down the hall. "As we walked into the small room, I noticed a tissue box and water sitting on the table," he said. "I was telling myself, great here it comes, just be strong push through it and be sad later. Then they told us the news, and I couldn't hold back. I was very upset." He recalled that they were told that Ewing's Sarcoma (jaw bone) occurs about 250 times a year in the U.S. and eight to 10 times a year in the Houston area. "They explained that it was very uncommon to have it only be found in his jaw bone to a point where our oncologist has never seen it." Having had cancer 10 years ago himself, David knows what kind of journey his son has ahead of him. "What was astonishing was the overwhelming support from so many people. From Greentree Elementary to my co-workers at HPD partner Bill Lacy and wife Kim, Jimmy McIntosh, Sgt. Pearson, Lt. Christina Salazar, Capt. Mark Fougerousse and Tiffany's work at HPOPS," said David, the Board at Mills Branch Village, Pastor Miller and Pastor Wallace, many other church members at Woodridge Baptist Church, Kingwood Country Club and Kids in Action. I'm sure people are being left out." According to Tiffany, so far Ethan has received five days of chemotherapy treatments, 24 hours apart, and the overall treatment is for 34 weeks: 12 weeks of chemo, then six weeks of radiation with chemo, followed by 16 more weeks of chemo. Ethan cannot attend school now because of the concern for his high risk of infection. "Greentree is amazing and has very supportive teachers and staff. We may have an option where Ethan can attend classes through Skype in conjunction with homeschooling," said Tiffany. "Ethan missed his last week of school because we were in the hospital trying to figure out what was wrong his teacher, Ms. Hunt, brought the last week of school to him. Each of his classmates made him a card, and (she brought) a basket full of puzzles, books, candy, and his 26.2-mile shirt." "The second to last day of school was a 'Pay to Play' day, where for a donation a student could wear a hat or sunglasses. The Greentree Family raised $2,200 in donations! Wow!" said Tiffany. On reflection, Tiffany said that Ethan showed signs that something was wrong before the diagnosis. For a little over a month he had a lump on his cheek by his ear. There were no other symptoms, no pain and no fever. When taken for a doctor appointment, he was given antibiotics but nothing changed. "We went to an ENT doctor and were told to wait a month and see what happens," Tiffany said. "Just about at that month mark, Ethan started having a fever and said it hurt to open his mouth. We went back to the ENT and a CT scan was ordered for the next day. That evening and prior to the CT scan the next morning, the right side of Ethan's face swelled up. After the CT, the ENT doctor advised me to take him to the ER at Texas Children's." Many activities are ongoing throughout the community, including numerous lemonade stands opening for business by Ethan's schoolmates and friends. "Ethan Stay Strong" wristbands are available at the HPD substation in Kingwood. The Williamsons want as many people as possible to know about Ethan, so they can be thinking and praying for him. For more information, and to make donations, visit Cutline EthanStayStrong1.jpg -- Sgt. Ricky Warwick, left, Constable Kenneth Rowdy Hayden and Lt. Buck Clendennen with the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office and Splendora firefighters, back row, all are doing their part to support 8-year-old Ethan Williamson. EthanStayStrong2.jpg -- Greentree students in Ms. Terisa Spencer's class are showing that Gators are Ethan Strong. Ethan1.jpg Ethan Williamson and his family appreciate all the kindness and support shown by all for Ethan as he battles Ewings Sarcoma. Ethan2.jpg -- Ethan Williamson and his family appreciate all the kindness and support shown by communities, friends and family for Ethan as he battles Ewings Sarcoma. [All photos are contributed]

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