Ten years ago, Shirley Bianchi was guided to write the book, "Awaken." After several back-to-back episodes of illness, she was in her hospital room, hooked up to IVs. Life was not going as she thought it would, and she knew she needed guidance. So she prayed. This was when Bianchi heard Gods voice. "He told me, "I needed you to be still enough so that you could listen to my voice and hear my voice. So that you and I could commune on this level for a while. So that when you hear my voice you know it is my voice, and not your thoughts," Bianchi explained. She said she also received instruction. She was to write a book: a guide to help humanity into a higher level of awareness. A guide to an easier way to live life, without the burden of the ego; without the self-guilt. Describing how the book was directed, Bianchi said, "He said, Im going to wake you up in the middle of the night. And as it turned out, he woke me up around 2:30, 3 oclock in the morning consistently. "He said, I want you to put your laptop up, I want you to close your eyes and I just want you to type the words I give you." Bianchi wrote the book, but 10 years passed before she sent the manuscript for publication. "I was so afraid of the fallout. I couldnt get past my own fears of being judged," she said Then, last year, Bianchi visited Portugal and entered The Church Bom Jesus do Monte. "It was such a spiritual experience. As soon as I walked out, all fear was gone. It was just gone. And I was like, Im going forward with this no matter what," said Bianchi. Through her book, Bianchi said she has helped others develop communication with God. She realizes Gods voice is not commonly heard, and shared, "Some people feel it; they dont hear it. You hear people talk about their gut instinct. Its learning how, as an individual, to tune into the communication channel. So that you know what is right for you, between you and God. For most people it is about feeling first, because they cant quiet their mind." According to Bianchi, "Awaken" encompasses all faiths. She said the book has left out the dogma, leaving only the truth of God. "Its coming to awareness to how we can all have a closer communication with God, and its a two-way conversation that you do moment by moment. Where you learn to hone in on your intuitive feelings. You learn to stay closer on the path of making the choices that make your life easier. And bring back the passion, the love of life, and the joy of life," said Bianchi. Since the release of her book, Bianchi said she has been asked about holding Bible studies, and has been requested to speak publicly about the book. Bianchi has another book-launch planned for April. She also has two workshops scheduled on March 22 and April 26 from 1-4 p.m. Both will be held at the Kingwood Community Center, 4102 Rustic Woods Drive. For more information, visit Awakenthebook.com. (Photo:) Author Shirley Bianchi.

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