With more than 100,000 chiropractic adjustments and 65,000 treatments Dr. Charlie Campbell of Campbell Chiropractic Clinic is celebrating 20 years of practice in Kingwood. A New Orleans native, Campbell graduated from the University of Louisiana-Monroe with a degree in industrial management and worked for several years in oil and gas in Texas until the age of 40. He began Campbell Chiropractic Clinic in 1993 at age 44. The career shift for Campbell was set in motion after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36. "We were living in Louisiana coming back to Texas to get treated," he said. Campbell said his wife's diagnosis "captured his full focus of what is important in life." "We had two small children at the time. And, it just brings a stark illumination to your priorities in life. And, I had this real strong desire to be able to help. And, I couldn't. I didn't have the knowledge or expertise to help her specifically with her condition at that time. But, I wanted to learn to help other people," he said. Campbell eventually attended Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena. It was really kind of "divine intervention," Campbell said, explaining he wasn't familiar with the work of a chiropractor, but a friend had informally mentioned to him he might want to explore that field. His wife passed away while he was attending the four year program, in addition to his mother and father. Campbell said chiropractic medicine comes in two parts: treatment and education. "The chiropractic philosophy is one of truly health care, not sick care. It's really about prevention and trying to do the things that keep you from getting worse," he said. Much of the treatment targets along the spine for back pain, shoulders and neck. "Trying to make you feel better when you walk out of here is only half of my job. The other half is helping you figure out what's causing your problem and how to keep from making it worse," Campbell explained, further illustrating his point, using an example of a mattress as a potential cause of certain, consistent pain. He indicated a chiropractic treatment not only tracks the progress over time, as patients often are scheduled btween days, weeks and months, but also attempts to pinpoint factors and habits of patients to determine causes of discomfort. "Where our health model is going to go: insurance is getting so high, premium-wise, that everybody has a higher deductible. So, the individual is thinking about how I can keep myself well … If you can go to a chiropractor to learn how to alleviate your pain, but also to what caused it so that you can prevent it in the future. That's healthcare. Not sickness care. Not waiting until you've got a blown out disc and then you need surgery. That's the bigger role that I think chiropractic care is going to see in the future," he said. Additionally, Campbell has many vitamin, mineral and other health supplements available. He said he believes in complete wellness and became extremely interested in nutrition issues while caring for his wife. A Kingwood resident since 1977, Campbell has been involved with numerous community organizations and boards, including a local chapter of the American Heart Association and the Kingwood Kiwanis and Kingwood Chamber of Commerce. He also assis (Photo:) Dr. Charlie Campbell, of the Campbell Chiropractic Clinic in Kingwood, will celebrate 20 years of practice in October. Photo by Geoffrey Geiger

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