The polarization of the political environment is full blown as we follow the social and political differences being played out on every campaign trail, often resulting in deeper polarization. Recently, Congressman Ted Poe argued the presidential debate would be a “game changer” for Romney, to better communicate his message to the American public and “a great opportunity for Governor Romney to have an upset.” But I ask you, is that what we really need? An upset? In the years leading up to and after one of this country’s largest financial challenges, we have seen and experienced plenty of upsets. Having a candidate characterize “47 percent of people as dependent on government … who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them” is alarming. And then to state, “My job is not to worry about those people” is incomprehensible. While there continue to be debates around economic stimulus, budget cuts, and healthcare, solutions should be about the 100 percent. There is no “us versus them.” There is only “We.” We the people of the United States. And what “We the People” need to do is come together in union. Because who are the 47 percent? The one in four Texas children who have no political voice, living in poverty? The more than one in three seniors living off incomes below $25,000? The 4,000 seniors accessing meals on wheels on a daily basis because their fixed incomes can’t keep up with the rise in food, utility and medical costs? The 657,180 Texas students who are in college because of support from the Pell grant, or whose families in Texas claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit that gives them an average tax credit of up to $1,800? You see, it’s not a matter of “those people” because policies affect us all – it’s about the 100 percent. It’s the simple principle of six degrees of separation. At any point through our daily lives, we will brush up against one of “those people.” We may even be one. Whether it’s our neighbor secretly struggling to keep up with her mortgage, our child’s best friend missing far too many meals to count, our colleague supporting his/her aging parents because their income can’t meet their needs, or the wife or husband we never met who has risked their life to protect our country and is now trying to further their education on a limited income. The fact is, there is no “those people.” Those people are “We the People.” Through my conversations with the residents of District 2, I see a hunger for us to come together – as business leaders, advocates, concerned citizens, academics — and an understanding that there’s a role for government to play in brokering that conversation. I am calling on your participation in the development of the future. I am calling on you to Vote for this country to come together and not continue to be pulled apart. Jim Dougherty Congressional Candidate, Texas District 2 713-521-9826 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Paid for by Jim Dougherty for Congress Campaign

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