While kids are still in school and playing with their old toys, waiting for the holidays to get here, the parents are out running around, looking for the perfect toy for their child. For this holiday season, Hasbro's boys' Holiday Gift Guide makes it a little easier as it features exciting toys from Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel brands. For more than 25 years, Transformers action figures have put a smile on the faces of children as they open up their presents during the holiday season. This year, they still have their "more than meets the eye" qualities. For the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie, there are action figures for each of the most popular characters. They come in three different scales, Deluxe, Voyager (larger scale), and Leader (largest scale and includes light and sounds). The Deluxe collection includes 24 characters, the Voyager collection has 11 different characters, and the Leader includes three. Also for the movie, is the Transformers Movie Construction Devastator. Devastator is the largest and most powerful foe the Autobots are up against in the newest movie. He is a Decepticon robot made up six different construction vehicles, known as the Constructicons. This toy will allow kids to re-create the film's action battle and sequences.Marvel's new and old, diehard and casual fans alike will be delighted with the Marvel Universe 3-3/4-inch figures. These action figures have exceptional articulation, poseability, unique accessories, and their own "top secret" file cards. They feature Spider-man and X-Force Wolverine to Daredevil and Ultimate Captain America. In spirit of the Marvel Universe's X-Men, they have created the Wolverine Electronic Claw. Kids can slip these on and be their favorite hero. The claws are retractable and include iconic Wolverine phrases and sounds. Since Star Wars has begun, every Jedi has needed a lightsaber to protect the universe from the forces of the Empire. The newest version of the legendary weapon is the Star Wars Duel Action Lightsaber. At first it appears like the usual electronic lightsaber, then when the time is right, a Jedi can take out the smaller lightsaber hidden in the hilt. This way, a Jedi can fight with either two separate lightsabers or combine them to create a double-bladed weapon. Every Jedi knows of the infamous R2-D2. This year, he has the unique animated look of The Clone Wars series and a remote control. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars R2-D2 Remote Control uses a fun, Star Wars-themed remote so kids can control this little R2-D2 by making him move forward or reverse, turn him around, spin his head, and control his iconic sound effect. G.I. Joe started the whole action figure category 45 years ago and it still continues with the new G.I. Joe Movie 3 3/4-inch movie figures. All the figures are sculpted to look like the on-screen characters, including Sienna Miller as Baroness and Channing Tatum as Duke. Based on the jet all the way from the 1980s and featured in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra movie, the Cobra Night Raven is fully loaded with an array of engines, weapons, lights, and sounds. Kids can get ready and take on the role of the G.I. Joe's favorite ninja Snake Eyes with the G.I. Joe Movie Snake Eyes Role Play Set. Kids can gear up in the Snake Eyes mask and equip themselves with the Snake Eyes katana-style sword, which has a secret dart launcher in the handle and special lights and sounds. Even the youngest fans can play with their favorite characters from Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and Marvel with the Hasbro's "Heroes" Line-Up. The characters have been transformed into a unique, two-inch, cute, friendly, and exaggerated style to appeal to the little tykes. The "Heroes" line-ups for this year, are: Robot Heroes (Transformers), Combat Heroes (G.I. Joe), Galactic Heroes (Star Wars), and Super Hero Squad (Marvel). For more information on what Hasbro has to offer this year, visit www.hasbro.com.

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