With the hope of promoting kindness, Kingwood graphic artist Tina Mansfield has designed an interactive piece of jewelry that helps promote kindness and optimism. The ring is called String-Ring – The Kindness Reminder. The sterling silver ring is designed to be threaded with interchangeable colored strings and is inspired by the old custom of tying a string around ones finger to remember something, and in this case, to remember kindness. Each ring comes with a set of 10 strings, each color representing a particular act of kindness.   The colored strings can be changed as often as desired, whether it’s to glam it up for the girls with beads or a bow, or to focus on the meanings of each color of string. For example, red or pink is the color of love and is a reminder to be kind to one another. Blue represents tranquility, and promotes patience with others. Purple stands for empathy and is a reminder to be tolerant of the people’s differences. Silver represents wisdom and understanding and is a reminder to forgive. Gold is the color of wealth and acts as reminder to give…not just money but attention, time, knowledge, or even a smile. Green is a reminder to respect the environment and all other living things. Orange represents energy and enthusiasm and is a reminder to laugh – “Especially at ourselves,” said Mansfield.   The response she has received has been inspiring.  She related a story about a cancer survivor who wrote saying she loved the yellow and white reminder strings. Yellow is the color of optimism and reminded her that she will get through a bout of thyroid cancer. White represents peace, life and simplicity. “Customers are even making their own reminders. A lady bought her niece a ring for her first communion gift and asked that the white string be used first, to remind her of her faith. I absolutely love that people are finding their own inspirations in the ring,” Mansfield said.   “My hope with String-Ring is to eventually expand the line to other items that promote conscious awareness. A couple ideas are String-Ring key chains for conscious driving to remind drivers to ‘think’ before exhibiting road rage, and String-Ring money clips to remind us to think about the products we are buying. Are they environmentally friendly and were the people involved in their making paid a fair wage? I’ve even thought of a String-Ring journal to encourage us to simply take responsibility for our own individual thoughts and actions, reminding ourselves that we live in busy communities and what makes those communities strongest is treating one another with respect and kindness. I hope the String-Ring becomes a popular fashion trend while sending a positive message of unity in what I sometimes see as an increasing aggressive and ego-centric world,” said Mansfield.  Mansfield got the idea for the ring two or three years ago when she was getting ready to send her child to school and she became more aware of the lack of respect in society today. She wanted to create a reminder that would help teach tolerance, kindness and give hope. She and her husband are both graphic design artists but she did not know anything about the jewelry business.  Mansfield teamed up with Brian Boyne, owner of Gem Diamonds in Houston. Boyne found a manufacturer for the ring design. Her husband, Jeff Walker, built the online store for her product, and in March 2008 she launched the String-Ring. Since then she has sold 200-300 rings online all across the U.S.  “I’ve sent the ring to The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, Great Day Houston and The Big Idea show hoping to generate some interest,” she said of her self-described grass roots marketing.    The rings are priced at $24.95 each. Send e-mail to Mansfield at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or log on to www.string-ring.com for more information. Photo: Tina Mansfield of Kingwood wears the String-Ring she created as a kindness reminder.

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