A typical long-haul truck driver spends about 11 hours a day reposing his posterior on the seat of his cab, guiding his 18-wheeler, laden with payload, toward its ultimate destination. Quite often, due to tight schedules, perishable goods, remote destinations or unforeseen backups, proper nutrition and effective exercise takes a back seat. Fast food, high in calories and low in sustenance, becomes a trucker’s main nourishment. The lack of exercise diminishes stamina, causes muscle atrophy and weakens the immune system. Weight gain and improper body maintenance can combine to create acute or long-term health maladies such as hypertension, diabetes, back problems and cardiac disease. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, truck drivers die at a rate 11 times higher than the general work force—an alarming statistic. Professional long haul truck driver Joe Martin, president and CEO of “Truckercise,” recognizes the importance of staying fit while on the road. Martin has been traveling down the road for nearly 50 years and, to this end, was driven to produce a DVD based on the exercises he has been doing in the cab for 22 years. “And it works”, he says. Then as now, the exercise regime detailed on his DVD “turns the seat and steering wheel into your very own fitness center”, Martin asserts. He is still out to create an awareness of the value of fitness to truck drivers and in his new venture, has recently collaborated with The Man in White, LLC. and DevelopMED, LLC. helping to pave the road to health. Martin was asked by Man in White to share his expertise for a newly released educational healthcare audio book aimed specifically at long haul truckers. Produced by Dr. Efrain Arroyave, president and CEO of DevelopMED, “Trucker’s Road to Health”is a one-of-a-kind audio book. Martin’s contribution, “Exercising on the Road” is featured on disc 2 of this 4-disc CD audio book. The audio book is a compendium of authoritative information from health care professionals—MDs, PhDs, BAs, RNs—gleaned from interviews with hundreds of truckers and trucking industry consultants nationwide. Martin makes note of the fact that he is the only author on the audio book without a litany of letters behind his name. “Trucker’s Road to Health” drives home the importance of proper exercise and healthy nutrition while running the informational route from Abdominal Aortic Aneurism to Vitamins. In the privacy of their home away from home, truckers can now learn about DOT health requirements, preventative measures, risk factors, proper nutrition, exercise routines and lifestyle issues. The goal of “Trucker’s Road to Health” is to provide truckers with an awareness of the importance of disease prevention and healthy routines. Health and nutritional education will benefit truckers while promoting lower healthcare bills, reduced blood pressure, proper cholesterol levels, graceful aging, stronger immune systems and more energy. The list goes on and on. Martin quips “At the very least it will keep your waist line from being as big as the truck you drive.” Producers of “Trucker’s Road to Health” are paving the road in anticipation of distributing the audio book in several popular nationwide retail outlets. Plans are in gear to eventually make the book available to truckers worldwide. Presently, the audio book can be purchased online. For more information or to order this comprehensive 4-CD set audio book, “Trucker’s Road to Health” go to www.themaninwhite.org. Photo: Alex Deborgaorski (left), of “Ice Road Truckers,” shakes hands with Joe Martin.

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