Students who fail to park according to campus rules will soon be given the boot. The “boot” is a parking control device clamped on the car’s wheel prohibiting movement of the vehicle. “Parking violations on the Kingwood High School campus have increased steadily since the beginning of the fall semester,” said Assistant Principal Donnie Bodron. He said that there have been approximately 600 violations since school began. Bodron said that administrators at the school have tried to communicate with students both as a group and on an individual basis, but parking offenses continue to occur. “Most students abide by the parking procedures,” said Bodron. “However, some students have been parking in spaces that do not belong to them.” Bodron said that the campus issues assigned parking when each student signs up for their permit. He said that students depend on those assigned spaces and are frustrated when they find another car parked in their spot. He said the new penalties were designed to provide greater protection to students with parking permits. Students who violate the parking rules receive a series of warnings. First, they receive warnings from administrators and the school’s security during personal conferences. They also receive warning stickers on their windows and warning notes in class. Parking violations can result in both temporary and total loss of parking privileges. “Warning stickers are effective with many students and will still be used,” said Bodron. “It is important to remember that the boots are only used on vehicles with a history of warning stickers.” The district looked at stronger deterrents for those who repeatedly ignore warning tickets. “When investigating towing as the next available option, it was determined that the cost to parents and students of a towed vehicle would be in the area of $230,” said Bodron. Understanding the financial burden and the time factor involved in having to deal with a towed vehicle, the principals decided that we would like to provide one more warning before towing a student’s car.” As a result, KHS will begin using boots. A $20 fine will be issued for the removal of the boot. In addition, students may be asked to forfeit his/her access to park on campus for the remainder of the year. A subsequent infraction can result in the vehicle being towed by an independent wrecker service at the expense of the student and/or parents. “Families can help maintain a safe and orderly campus by supporting the parking procedures,” said Bodren. Photo: Students parking at Kingwood High School are asked to park in their assigned slot or risk a series of warnings that can lead to a $20 boot-removal fee or a $250 towing fee.

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