Even during a pandemic, there is always a silver lining and moments of joy to keep faith positive.

In response to many of the challenges presented by 2020, First Humble Methodist has launched a “Moments of Joy” initiative that allows members to spread positivity and cheerfulness to others.

“The Moments of Joy program at Humble Methodist started in the middle of the pandemic. We noticed that there was so much negativity and despair circulating around; we needed to focus on something positive as a church. We came up with this program as a way for us to set our focus on things that make us happy and that help to spread joy, which perhaps has never been more needed than it is now,” said Rev. Jim Flagg.

“I told our members to take a picture every day of the week of something that made them happy — whether it be a physical object, a pet, a special event, etc. I wanted people to notice the little things that brought them joy daily, no matter how small they might be. At the end of the week, I asked those who had taken a picture to pick their favorite one and send them to me,” added Flagg.

In the key months of the pandemic, Humble Methodist, like many other churches, had to conduct online services for the safety and health of its members. During these tough months, these moments of joy were incorporated into the services.

“During these key months, we were able to share anywhere from 10-15 pictures in each sermon, sharing so many different moments of joy. We had members submitting pictures ranging from things such as pets to beautiful flowers, to a miniature horse named ‘Cinnamon’ to newly born babies. The joy of the newly born babies during the COVID-19 pandemic has truly been amazing. It is great to see the gift of life bringing happiness to so many couples during these times,” said Flagg.

Humble Methodist has continued to have Moments of Joy as a part of its in-person services, which have recently been reintroduced. Flagg expressed his joy in finally being able to see the reactions of the audiences as these moments are projected on the screen during services.

“We are finally able to see the smiles across the faces of our members as they wait in anticipation each Sunday to get a glimpse of the happiness that we are spreading,” said Flagg.

Flagg added that one of his biggest concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic was that the in-person connections previously felt and experienced would cease to exist, at least temporarily. He explained that Humble Methodist is glad to finally be able to host in-person services again but is continuing to provide church in an online format for anyone who is unable to attend the regular services.

And, despite the pandemic and many other pressing issues, he emphasized that Humble Methodist’s commitment to serving its faith community and sharing positivity has never faded.

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