Iron Plus has reopened. In February, travelers on 1960 saw signs of the local business packing up. Iron Plus owner, Susie Kurewosky, was leaving to join her husband, Steve, who had been transferred to Naples, Fla. A weekly countdown of departure surfaced on the lot's sign for commuters to say goodbye. After Steve left, Kurewosky stayed behind to clear out the inventory and sell the house. The preparation took months, and with her husband in Florida, Kurewosky said, "I was miserable. I missed Steve and couldn't wait to join him. I had committed to retiring my business and I packed up as quickly as I could. Kurewosky said that when she reunited with her husband, she tried to settle in, but it took less than a month to realize that Florida was a different environment. They hadn't invested in a house yet, and Steve agreed that Texas was their home. They decided they had to move back. Kurewosky had already turned over her business lot, and intended to stay retired even after Steve transferred back to Galveston. Two things changed her mind. The first was the familiarity of her customers. Kurewosky had been on the road for three days and had just arrived in Houston, coming from Florida through Liberty. She pulled up to the light at West Lake Houston Parkway and 1960 and noticed the people in the car next to her were waving, "At the light, I saw a couple of my old customers, and they said, Hey, Susie! What're you doing?' and it felt like home, said Kurewosky. The second thing was her lot itself. Kurewosky was heading down to Galveston but she still had a few things on her Iron Plus lot, namely a large stone lion, which she hadn't been able to move. Curiosity had her driving past to see it. Pulling into the lot, she saw the lion was still there and that the lot was still available. And although she hadn't let him know she was coming by, the landlord was sitting on the porch. She got out and asked him why he hadn't rented the place out and was flattered when he responded that it just didn't feel right renting it to anyone but her. "I hadn't planned it at all, she said. "I was just standing there with the landlord and asked, 'Are you ready for me to come back?' He said, 'Absolutely!' I didn't even question it; Iron Plus was part of being home. Kurewosky immediately began cleaning the lot, ordering inventory and calling up her former employees. "They all said they'd come back, no question about it. Then customers started coming by, asking what was happening and why there were all those FedEx trucks in the lot," she said. "My customers are happy to see me back, and that stone lion I came by to see, it sold as soon as I reopened, she said. Kurewosky reopened Iron Plus April 1, continuing to provide her eclectic mix of custom-made pieces and imported furnishings, although, as she said, "Most of my customers are coming back to order security gates because we make them so beautifully. To see more, visit the store at 2803 FM 1960, Humble or visit

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