When women cannot sleep in the middle of the night, they will sometimes take a long hot, soaking bath. Not Cherrie Ledoux; she makes bath and body items when she cannot sleep for the other women to enjoy in the wee hours, or anytime they wish to pamper themselves. The list of Lait Doux products includes soaps, sugar, salt and coffee rubs for the skin. For the hair and lips, Ledoux has created hair masks and lip balms. The line which means sweet milk and is a play of words on her family name, is created in her kitchen. Ledoux makes small batches to maintain the consistency of her products and to maintain their freshness. The soaps do not last as long as regularly produced soap. Ledoux notes, “I use vitamin E and grape seed oil and, therefore, the soaps have only a year of shelf life.” Purity and natural ingredients are very important to this entrepreneur. “The FDA requires a percentage of natural ingredients in the 90s in order for a product to be allowed to carry the label of ‘all natural.’ My products are 100 percent natural,” stated Ledoux. She uses familiar items in her recipes: extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, oatmeal, mint leaves and orange peel to name a few. She states, “I found that everyday items in my pantry have incredible properties.” Her products serve dual purposes Ledoux proudly affirms. They clean and moisturize as well as sooth and heal. “Oatmeal and sugar are exfoliates and help heal irritated skin and small cuts,” Ledoux added. After research on the Internet, her acquired knowledge grew into a hobby. Ledoux made gifts for family and friends. Now, she is creating items not just in the wee hours, but whenever she can fit the traditional processes into her busy schedule. The distribution of her products is largely through home beauty parties now. To market her creations further, she will place them in several outlets in Kingwood, the Woodlands and will have a website out soon. Looking to create a line from fruits which would need refrigeration, Ledoux is expanding this venture in product selection, also in hopes of “cleaning up” with her elegant items. The “Bubble, bubble toil and trouble” will hopefully brew good things for this industrious Kingwood woman. Photo: More information on Lait Doux beauty products can be found by searching Lait Doux on Facebook, by calling 281-318-1619 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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