Cyrese Jezek stands proudly in her store beside a selection of her unique handmade jewelry.

Cyrese and Company offers a wide range of accessories from decorative handbags to one-of-a kind earrings.

Cyrese and Company is a clothing and jewelry boutique owned and founded by Cyrese Jezek. Jezek has worked hard over the past 10 years to make her store into the success it is today. With a wide range of styles and accessories Cyrese and Company is a unique store that has something for everyone.

“I am always looking for something a bit unusual when buying for the store, which is one of the main things I hear from my customers,” Jezek said. “I like to find things that one would not ordinarily find at the mall or chain stores.”

Jezek moved around as a child but finally settled in Liberty and later graduated from Texas Tech University in 1983 with a degree in interior design and a minor in art. After college, Jezek moved to Kingwood where she met her husband and they had two children. Her husband often traveled, meaning Jezek had some spare time on her hands, which she filled with a fun hobby of making beaded jewelry. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a little business, where Jezek would display her pieces in different stores as well as selling them at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Nutcracker Market.

“Jewelry began to pile up around the house, so my husband told me it was time to either sell it or quit making jewelry,” Jezek said. “I enjoyed it so very much, so I had a friend put it in her boutique and,much to my surprise, it began to sell.”

After doing this for 12 years she decided to take things to the next level. Jezek and her sister-in-law, Jeanne McGill, partnered up and decided to open a boutique of their own. They found the perfect spot for their shop and signed the lease right away. Then it was off to Dallas to stock up on inventory and furniture and whatever else caught their eye. Within a month they had everything in place and were open for business in July, 2005.

“My sister-in-law settled in on the business end and I was the artistic one,” Jezek said. “Jeanne only went with me to market that first time and after that, I did all of the buying and displaying, basing the store's design and inventory on my own look.”

Jezek continues to bead and make jewelry to sell in the store. Originally the store started out with just a few items of clothing to complement the jewelry, but over the years it has expanded and grown, and now features a large selection of clothes and accessories.

“My plan was to have wonderful, uniquely-made items that could be affordable to women of all ages,” Jezek said. “This is still my plan 10 years later.”

With many different lines in stock, Cyrese and Company is really crafting its own genre of style. The clothing will often have both Bohemian and country inspirations, but it is mostly derived from Jezek's personal sense of style and how she likes to dress. Along with clothing they stock belts, hats, scarves, purses and many other adorable accessories.

“We carry tons of great lines, from custom jewelry by Cyrese to Nakamol, Paige Wallace, Silver Creations and Treska, just to name a few,” Jezek said. “Some clothing lines we carry are Miss Me and French Connection jeans, tops and dresses from Krista Lee, Ivy Jane, Gretty Zueger, Isle and Mesmerize.”

It has been a challenging 10 years and Jezek has had to work hard and make tough decisions to continue running a successful business; Even through the roughest times the store stayed true to the style and quality of clothing they were providing. Jezek does all she can to draw in customers including offering lay-away options and repairing jewelry for people regardless of whether or not it came from her store. She also stays dedicated to the community, supporting all sorts of local causes and charity events.

“I try to go out of my way to make my customers happy and make sure they always leave with a smile on their face,” Jezek said. “After all, Kingwood is a close-knit community and I can often rely on satisfied customers to send their friends my way.”

With Jezek's 25 years of beading experience, she is able to custom-make pieces of jewelry on her customers' requests. Whether it is a single piece or a set for a bridal party, Cyrese and Company is able to supply jewelry that is absolutely unique to a single person or occasion. Jezek loves the challenge and encourages more people to request their own one-of-a-kind-jewelry.

“I am able to create custom jewelry for customers, either using their beads and components or ours,” Jezek said. “This gives women beautiful custom pieces that they will definitely not see everyone else wearing.”

This holiday season, Jezek plans to have an open house to highlight the store's Christmas seasonal items. She is also thinking of organizing a wine and beading night, giving women a chance to learn how to bead. Jezek is always coming up with new ideas for her jewelry and her boutique, and where she can take it all next. She listens to customers' suggestions and constantly evolves the store, making it even more current and successful. Cyrese and Company is located at 4570 Kingwood Drive, in the Randall's Shopping Center next to LaMadeline. For more information, call 281-360-4499 or visit














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