Schrade excels at double endeavor Most live in a world that involves watching TV or surfing the Web. With technology getting better, Web designers and TV broadcasters are becoming more creative everyday. Do people really know how the Web sites they browse upon and the TV shows they watch are created? It may seem pretty easy for some, but it takes a lot hard work and dedication to produce these shows and Web sites. The work starts from people who have creative imaginations, ideas and inspirations. A resident of Humble, Sam Schrade has more than 16 years of experience in Web development, TV broadcasting and interactive marketing. After receiving degrees in public relations and marketing at Texas Tech University, he started his career with the Morris Corporation, one of the largest media companies in the nation. He has since worked for various industries including newspaper, radio and national television. Schrade has received awards for his accomplishments including the “Communicator Award” for video editing and the Small Business Development’s “Business of the Year Award.” In 2005, he started his own Web developing company called Digital Network Associates. Though Schrade is known for his creativity in Web designing, he also operates a television truck company that travels and broadcasts sporting events nationwide. The company’s name is Texas Mobile Broadcasting and works with several popular networks such as ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports and Comcast. Schrade best describes the company by saying it is a “studio on wheels.” The truck is a 53-foot long 18-wheeler, equipped with broadcasting cameras, instant replay machines, sound equipment and many other high-tech devices. The company has traveled distances as far as Salt Lake City, Utah, and all the way to Washington, D.C. The truck televises sporting events such as college football and Major League Soccer. “Owning two companies is a challenge, but I would not want it any other way,”said Schrade. His current role at Digital Network Associates includes strategic partnerships and marketing. At the same time, he also schedules, plans and helps engineer the TV truck. “The two companies are complementary,” said Schrade. Any information about Schrade’s line of work can be found on his Web site at

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