2021 Kingwood Civic Club Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

Barrington & Deer Cove

Best Traditional: 3326 S. Cotswold Manor Drive

Best Religious: 2231 Deer Cove Trail

Best Lights: 2927 Cotswold Manor Drive

Best Doorway: 2914 Cotswold Manor Drive

Santa’s Best: 2219 Deer Cove Trail

Bear Branch

Best Traditional: 3602 Woodbridge

Best Religious: 2507 Riverlawn

Best Lights: 3222 Cedar Knolls

Best Doorway: 2402 Little Cedar

Santa’s Best: 3306 Riverlawn

Deer Ridge Estates

Best Traditional: 2 Majestic Falls

Best Religious: 6 Holley Ridge Drive

Best Lights: 23 Enchanted Woods

Best Doorway: 22 Holley Ridge Drive

Santa’s Best: 15 Enchanted Woods

Elm Grove

Best Traditional: 2934 Brookdale Drive

Best Religious: 5403 Knoll Terrace

Best Lights: 3202 Brookdale Drive

Best Doorway: 3115 Beaver Glen

Santa’s Best: 3042 Creek Manor Drive

Fosters Mill

Best Traditional: 2011 Golden Pond

Best Religious: 2018 Wind Creek

Best Lights: 2203 Bluff Creek

Best Doorway: 2214 Long Valley

Santa’s Best: 2006 Golden Pond


Best Traditional: 3814 Birch Hill Drive

Best Religious: 3219 Manor Grove

Best Lights: 3231 Knoll Manor Drive

Best Doorway: 3311 Falling Brook

Santa’s Best: 3707 Rock Springs Drive

Hunter’s Ridge

Best Traditional: 4106 Oak Gardens

Best Religious: 3763 Clear Falls

Best Lights: 2515 Brookdale

Best Doorway: 4335 Haven Glen

Santa’s Best: 3122 River Valley

Kings Crossing

Best Traditional: 4042 Buckeye Creek

Best Religious: 3314 Redwood Lake

Best Lights: 2810 Halton Court

Best Doorway: 3411 Beech Point

Santa’s Best:

Kings Forest / Kings Forest Estate

Best Traditional: 2918 Forest Laurel

Best Religious: 2707 Royal Circle

Best Lights: 3019 Forest Laurel

Best Doorway: 2907 Trail Lodge

Santa’s Best: 3018 Royal Circle

Kings Point #1 – The Reserve

Best Traditional: 6019 Shady Alcove Ct

Best Religious: 2503 Deer Mountain

Best Lights: 2826 Whispering Fern

Best Doorway: 1406 Lofty Maple

Santa’s Best: 2827 Mountain Green Tr

Kings Point #2 – Royal Shores

Best Traditional: 6003 Graystone Bluff Ct

Best Religious: 1803 Seven Maples Dr

Best Lights: 2006 Seven Maples Dr

Best Doorway: 2122 Riverglen Forest

Santa’s Best: 1114 Royal Shore Cir

Kings River #1

Best Traditional: 7410 Passing Pine Ct

Best Religious: 19826 Sage Tree Tr

Best Lights: 19807 Wild Rye Tr

Best Doorway: 7626 Water Wood Tr

Santa’s Best: 19719 Sage Tree Tr

Kings River #2

Best Traditional: 20818 Kings Clover Court

Best Religious: 20814 Kings Clover Court

Best Lights: 6823 Amber Ash

Best Doorway: 20719 Great Laurel Ct

Santa’s Best: 20810 Water Point Trail

Kingwood Glen

Best Traditional: 19503 Forest Fern

Best Religious: 19402 Dee Oaks

Best Lights: 19326 Kristen Pine

Best Doorway: 19318 Kristen Pine

Santa’s Best: 19515 Shinwood

Kingwood Greens

Best Traditional: 15 Links Ct

Best Religious: 24 Green Edge

Best Lights: 1 New Greens Ct

Best Doorway: 2206 Bens View

Santa’s Best: 2 New Greens Ct

Kingwood Lakes

Best Traditional: 2418 Oak Bank Drive

Best Religious: 2211 Lake Gardens Drive

Best Lights: 7 Summer Lake Drive

Best Doorway: 2443 Lake Village Drive

Santa’s Best: 2366 Lake Village Drive

Kingwood Place

Best Traditional: 1506 Sandy Oak

Best Religious: 2018 Blossem Creek

Best Lights: 1819 Ridgeway

Best Doorway: 1906 Summer Rain

Santa’s Best: 2023 Red Magnolia

Mills Branch

Best Traditional: 4819 Echo Falls

Best Religious: 3830 Echo Mountain

Best Lights: 5411 Magnolia Falls

Best Doorway: 4302 Echo Falls

Santa’s Best: 3507 Scenic Valley

North Kingwood Forest

Best Traditional: 5630 That Way

Best Religious: 5730 That Way

Best Lights: 3419 Any Way

Best Doorway: 5715 My Way

Santa’s Best: 3210 Same Way

North Woodland Hills

Best Traditional: 2106 Covewood

Best Religious: 2022 River Village

Best Lights: 2211 Spruce Lodge

Best Doorway: 2042 Glade Dr

Santa’s Best: 2171 River Village

Oakhurst #1

Best Traditional: 25311 Bullridge Dr

Best Religious: 25572 Peppermill Creek

Best Lights: 25532 Ramrock Ct

Best Doorway: 25509 Ramrock Ct

Santa’s Best: 31001 Ramrock Ct

Oakhurst #2

Best Traditional: 20745 Sweetglen Drive

Best Religious: 20526 Bobigian Drive

Best Lights: 25007 Stillhouse Springs Drive

Best Doorway: 20724 Sweetglen Drive

Santa’s Best: 20502 Bobigian Drive

Oakhurst #3

Best Traditional: 21302 Sweet Auburn

Best Religious: 24102 Fosters Knoll Lane

Best Lights: 21322 Avett Drive

Best Doorway: 24121 Fosters Knoll Lane

Santa’s Best: 21303 Avett Meadow Lane


Best Traditional: 6110 Longflower Lane

Best Religious: 2323 Crimson Valley Court

Best Lights: 2625 Tranquility Oaks Court

Best Doorway: 2331 Riverway Oak Drive

Santa’s Best: 2102 Riverway Oak Court

Royal Brook

Best Traditional: 5810 Majestic Harbor Lane

Best Religious: 5806 Fairway Shores Lane

Best Lights: 6039 Granite Shadow Lane

Best Doorway: 6223 Emerald Bay Point Lane

Santa’s Best: 5814 Fairway Shores Lane

Sand Creek

Best Traditional: 3218 Sunny Vale

Best Religious: 5006 Sandy Cedar

Best Lights: 4302 Cedar Valley

Best Doorway: 3002 Heatherpark

Santa’s Best: 2814 Four Pines

Sherwood Trails

Best Traditional: 2306 Whispering Wind

Best Religious: 2222 Pine Cone

Best Lights: 2611 Meandering Trail

Best Doorway:

Santa’s Best: 2414 Meandering Trail

South Woodland Hills

Best Traditional: 2103 Wilderness Point

Best Religious: 2207 Riverlawn

Best Lights: 3515 Evergreen Glade

Best Doorway: 1958 Shadow Rock

Santa’s Best: 1930 & 1934 Lake Hills Dr


Best Traditional: 2027 Woodland Valley

Best Religious: 1911 Hidden Creek

Best Lights: 2219 Laurel HIll

Best Doorway: 2014 Hidden Creek

Santa’s Best: 1906 Thousand Pine

Woodridge Forest

Best Traditional: 25203 Falling Leaves Drive

Best Religious: 22824 Windward Meadow Drive

Best Lights: 25196 Falling Leaves Drive

Best Doorway: 25244 Forest Lake Circle

Santa’s Best: 22414 Misty Woods Lane

 Woodspring Forest

Best Traditional: 2803 Sandberry Drive

Best Religious: 4726 Woodspring Glen Drive

Best Lights: 4705 Foster Hill Court

Best Doorway: 2708 Crichton Court

Santa’s Best: 2710 Foster Hill Drive


Best Traditional: 4911 Berry Knoll Court

Best Religious: 4722 Autumn Alcove Court

Best Lights: 4603 Redwood Grove Court

Best Doorway: 3223 S. Woodstream Way

Santa’s Best: 3310 Fair Falls Drive

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