I’m still adjusting to working from home.

When I worked for Memorial Hermann, I was so jealous of the medical records people. They worked from their computers from home – in their bunny slippers, if they wanted.

When I was working there, I complained about the incessant interruptions. People dropping by. Phone calls to be answered. One of the chiefs has something that’s top priority. Meetings to attend. Oh, the meetings. I worked with people who did nothing but meet all day. They didn’t do anything. They just met. Drove me nuts.

That wouldn’t happen when I retired, I thought. No more interruptions.

I was wrong. You lucky ones who’ve retired or work from home know exactly what I’m writing about.

Oh, I did the bunny slippers thing for a couple weeks. I’d walk the few feet to my new home office, careful not to step on or wake up the snoozing cats and dogs.

There’s a big screen TV right next to my two computer screens and, guess what? If you’re into old movies, the ‘40s and ‘50s, Turner Classic Movies shows the best ones during the day. You just can’t beat Lana Turner in a terrific black and white pot boiler of a movie.

So just about the time I’ve got the words flying out of my keyboard, the dog wants out. The wash is done and needs to be put in the dryer. Oh, I need to call Lowe’s about putting up gutters. And now the dog wants back in.

Who has time to write? What’s worse, I discovered I missed all those people who interrupted my day. I decided it was time to get disciplined.

I get up at my old time, 4:44 a.m. I feed the animals, turn on the morning television news and read the Big City Paper. Then I make the bed, shower and get dressed. Sometimes I have some place to go – a meeting! Most times I head for Starbucks, not because I love their coffee but because I need to talk to somebody, even if it’s just, “I’ll take a Tall Pikes in a Venti cup topped with cold, two or four percent milk.”

My sympathetic newspaper boss, Cynthia Calvert, has offered me a desk and a computer in her swanky, tastefully decorated Tribune International Office near Historic Downtown Humble, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet.

Bliss is not commuting. Ecstasy is taking a quick afternoon snooze. Pure rapture is when I hit “send,” my assignment lands in Cynthia and Sarah Mertins’ computers, and Lana Turner is about to appear in a potboiler on Turner Classic Movies. So, I’ll probably be “home officing” for a while longer although I’ve still got Cynthia’s desk offer filed away in the back of my mind.

I still haven’t solved my “lack of human contact” problem though, so if you get a phone call from me, just tell me how busy you are but you can give me a couple minutes of your valuable time. I’ll get the message. I’ll keep it short but it sure will be tough.

Here’s an update: For those of you who regularly read my Tall Tales, I saw the Peace Sign up in the trees on Kingwood Drive and Winnie the Pooh is on our neighbor’s lawn on Rock Springs Drive as you enter Mills Branch. We can officially declare it “Christmas.”

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Tom Broad
Author: Tom BroadEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Besides being a proud graduate of The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and, therefore, a Cornhusker, I am retired from Memorial Hermann. I am a correspondent and columnist for Lake Houston's hometown paper, The Tribune, as well as a director of the Lake Houston Redevelopment Corporation, a member of the board of the Humble Area Assistance Ministries, and Volunteer Extraordinaire for the Lake Houston Area Chamber.