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When my kids were younger, I spent as much time volunteering at their school as I could. I helped cut out feathers for Thanksgiving hats and scooped ice cream during classroom parties. Now that my kids are older, they aren’t as appreciative. For my sixth-grader, there is nothing more “uncool” than having mom at school. Isn’t middle school bad enough? But the value of being a volunteer hasn’t depreciated and I’ve recently learned, well remembered, how important it is for our kids to see us at school. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to sixth-graders at Creekwood Middle School as part of their Career Day, and participated in Humble ISD’s Principal for a Day program. Both were life-changing experiences and I suggest participating next year. As Principal for a Day, I spent the morning at Bear Branch Elementary, where I have a fourth-grader. Now you can talk all you want about the current financial crisis and upcoming Board of Trustees Election, but it turns into an entirely different perspective when you are in the classroom, learning about the day to day. The teachers and staff at Bear Branch Elementary are doing amazing things. It is certainly not the same classroom that we were in years ago. I would like to give a special thank you to Kathryn Palmer, assistant principal, and the rest of the BBE staff for showing me the ropes and taking such good care of my kids. I am proud of what Humble ISD is accomplishing and feel fortunate to live in a community such as this one. – Luisa Hart Photo: Cub Scouts from Pack 926 recently visited The Tribune office in Atascocita to learn about the newspaper business. Reporters in training Ryan McFarland, from left, Jake Allen, Nicholas Braun and Alex Gray asked questions and took notes during their visit.