Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman promoted 15 new supervisors recently, all of whom are tenured employees of his office, and passed all phases of promotional testing. These new supervisors will enforce Herman’s vision and mission statement to provide the best working environment for employees, and also the best law enforcement product for the citizens of Harris County.

Seated, from left: Investigations Lieutenant, Investigations Lieutenant, Lieutenant Steve Romero, Sergeant Tamika Givens, Sergeant David Wallace, Corporal Kenneth Massey Jr., Corporal Garett Lindley, and Corporal Daniel Lynch. Standing, from left: Constable Mark Herman, Corporal Timothy Westmoreland, Corporal Patrick Magee, Corporal Samir Sliman, Corporal Jonathon Paulk, Corporal Adam Setterbo, Corporal Anthony Jackson, and Corporal Salvador Carrillo Jr.