The purpose of my run for Humble ISD Board of Trustees is to address the challenges facing Humble ISD – how to best execute the mandate of public school education, student population growth, closing the achievement gap, and being responsive to increasing demands from society and business—from a perspective that differs from the direction the Board seems to be heading. I see a longer term trend which does not give all students the education we as society have made a part of the social compact. I want to be a voice for all the community who believe that well-functioning public schools is a birthright. Board Packet

The foundation of my candidacy is my fervent belief in the necessity of a dynamic public school system, my vision for our public school system, my business background, and my non-profit leadership experiences.

I will strive to fulfill the promise and potential of our public school system. I will focus on using public financial resources to support public schools, serving transparently and engaging concerned parents, teachers, and other stakeholders, and making investments in teachers as well as infrastructure.

My vision is for our children to all be afforded an equal, high quality, and relevant education.

The potential we must  achieve is empowered and well-equipped students who can compete on a global scale, schools which are incubators of ideas and diversity, and schools which are delivering results beyond just the number of students who “pass” standardized tests.

I was born and raised in Huntsville, TX. I went to public schools first through twelfth grades. After graduating Huntsville High School I went to Dartmouth College and received a degree in history.

After working for a few years I attended Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and received a Master of Business Administration degree.

My family includes a school superintendent, school counselor, head football coach and athletic director, and teachers.

I live in northeast Houston with my wife Gretchen. We have an adult daughter.

I have had jobs in the energy, telecom, and industrial manufacturing industries and in different roles. Over my career I have led major capital projects, structured financial transactions, acquisitions, and investments for entrepreneurial start-ups and Fortune 100 international companies.

I am currently a business development manager at NRG Energy Services. The common factor amongst my jobs seems to be I gravitate to situations in which solving complex problems and creating organizational growth are paramount.

I have worked in several states in the U.S. and have global working experiences in England, Mexico, and Denmark.