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From left: Kenneth Buck, Timberwood Middle School principal; Ashley Diosdado, Timberwood Middle School AVID teacher; Sally Wagner, Humble ISD AVID Coordinator; Alaina Taylor, Timberwood Middle School AVID teacher; Angela McDaniel, Timberwood Middle School AVID teacher;  Barbara Copeland, Assistant State Director of AVID-Southern Region; and Mercy Jesswani, AVID Program Manager-California Division.

Timberwood Middle School has officially been named an AVID National Demonstration School for another three years. Members of AVID’s National Validation Team visited the school to assess their school-wide implementation and integration of AVID.

AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a nationally acclaimed program that focuses on helping students be successful in academically rigorous coursework to ensure college readiness. Humble ISD is home to 12 AVID programs. Timberwood Middle and Humble Middle Schools are two of three AVID National Demonstration schools in the greater Houston area.

Timberwood Middle was first validated for three years as an AVID National Demonstration School in February 2014. Three years is the longest any campus can be validated. Currently, the campus is the only Demonstration School in Houston to receive all three-year validations.

The revalidation process was conducted by Barb Copeland, assistant state director of AVID and Mercy Jesswani, California division AVID program manager. The revalidation team spent the day observing AVID classrooms and speaking to AVID students and teachers.

“It’s evident that the students’ learning experiences reflect the value of AVID,” Copeland said. “The students never said the word rigorous while describing their work, but everything they said shouted  rigorous.”

Jesswani applauded the campus for their AVID integration campus-wide.

“The collaborative leadership model I’ve witnessed today wouldn’t happen without strong district support,” Jesswani said. “Your students are forward thinking, diligent and intentional in all subject areas.”

Timberwood Middle School AVID students proved to be confident in their learning and prepared for high school and beyond through classwork and presentations during the revalidation. The campus is excited to continue integrating AVID campus-wide and to hold the title of National Demonstration School for three more years.