One of the most awesome sights visible in a telescope is the golden orb of planet Saturn and its magnificent rings. Even in a modest-sized telescope, the rings are clearly visible. The Earth, in its orbit, has caught up to and is passing Saturn, the sixth planet. This brings us as close to Saturn as we get this time around the sun. We are able to see details in the rings as well as up to 8 of Saturn’s moons. 
Titan is easily picked out. This is a cold world, with ice boulders strewn across its surface and lakes of liquid methane. It was the destination of the Huygens probe launched from the Cassini Spacecraft.
To see Saturn in all its splendor plus other celestial delights, join us at the Insperity Observatory on public night. We are open from sunset to 10 p.m. on the first Friday each month (