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Participants of the "Friends" table with their matching hats.

The Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood, a highly popular 325 + member womens' organization, held a magnificent Christmas luncheon at Walden Country Club December 13th, where spectacular centerpieces, created by the attendees, graced each table. There were three categories from which each table could enter: Most Beautiful, Best Themed, and Most Use of Natural Elements. First and second place winners were selected by the Walden staff, headed by Cathy Bellnap. Beautiful Christmas melodies were sung by professional Jill Donahoe, who delighted the crowd with cherished holiday songs throughout the luncheon. Program Chairperson for this highly successful club is Claire Garrett, who, each month, provides a varied and incredible program.

First Place in the "Most Beautiful Category" was with an arrangement using silver, gold, and white Christmas bells and poinsettias. The decoration consisted of a variety of colors and textures of trees surrounding a silver and gold glitter table centerpiece made of glittery poinsettias and glamorous décor. Tammy Holekamp was the primary designer, and her table participants were MinhChau Epley, Joan Smith, Kay Caffey, Sharon Ruby, Faye Beeland, Janelle Ferris, and Norma Munoz.

Second Place in the "Most Beautiful Category" went to an impressive "Winter Wonderland" of silver, white, and gold, using battery-operated candles. Two star-shaped boxes under a tall center candle, surrounded by a Winter Santa, stars, poinsettias, and streams of silver ribbon, completed the table's breathtaking centerpiece. The team effort was accomplished by Debbie Campbell, Nancy Foisner, Bette Guillo, Jayne Hampson, Janice Maurer, Greta Moore, Margie Nicolai, Leslie Sarmiento, and Karyn Webb.

Centerpiece of "Thankful for Friends"

First Place in the "Best Themed Category", titled "Christmas Past", was orchestrated by Chris Shelley. Decorated by a feather-style tree, antique German bird and candle ornaments, antique toys, and real German cookies, the masterpiece was truly impressive. An antique doll, pull-toy horse, steiff bear on a plane, cherished books, and a child's truck completed the table's ensemble. Fortunate members who graced that table's nostalgic past were Nicola Burdick, Gail Ireland, Maryellen Linder, Dana Loughry, Janet Milligan, Alegia Rotta, Chris Shelly, Patty Walker, Marie Watkins, and Libby Worone.

Second Place in the "Best Themed Category" was the Gingerbread House with whimsical fairies, created by Nga Jackson and her table members MaryAnn Luczkowski, Mary Mouser, Candace Reeves, Penny Sambdman, Susan Soderquist, Marena Stone, LeeAnn Winters, and Linda Wright.

First Place in the "Most Use of Natural Elements" was orchestrated by creative member Patricia Divine. A white owl perched atop a treetop with dangling classic ornaments of inspiration and adorable deer below, were in the spotlight. Sharing in the winner's circle at this table's unusual four-foot tall decoration was Sherran Domescik, Georgia Gray, Dee Gustaveson, MaryAnn Lapeze, Karen Lombardo, LeeAnn Sprick, Diane VanHorn, and Janet Voytek.

Second Place Winner in "Most Use of Natural Elements" was superbly created by Sandy Hightower. Adhering to the nature theme, the magnificent centerpiece consisted of a half log with water falls, trees, and animals. Table participants were Sherry Bennett, Susan Cade, Lois Downey, Kathy Gordon, Cherri Marks, Cathy McDonald, Gail McNeese, Toni Otto, and Tina Smith.

If there had been a category for "friendship", the festive "Thankful for Friends" table certainly depicted that theme. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree contained ornaments with pictures of each friend, had the faces of it's group secured in gingerbread place settings, and golden plates were carefully wrapped with red ribbon, red and green sprigs of color, and a peppermint stick. The happy members of this table wore matching festive top hats, enjoyed their own colorful Christmas wine glasses, and wore red, gold, or silver matching Christmas lights as a necklace. This dynamic group of friends included Sharon Curry, Cheryl Daciek, Juanita Eddins, Franceaca Franks, Sue Knight, Janet McDonald, Laura Neilson, and Norma O'Donnell. 

1st place in "Best Use of Natural Elements"

Had there been a "Comical" category, magnificent "Ms. Snowbelle" would have taken the honors! Made with a Styrofoam head, ornaments for glasses, and curly ribbon hair, this tall character had a tree-belle skirt made of glass blocks edged with ribbon, red berries, and lights inside. Ms. Snowbelle had a red and white Christmas tree topper for a hat. The designer of this comical centerpiece was Cindy Mersereau, and guests at the table included Marti Slaughter, Robin Dehojos, Virginia Schilling, Margo Rushin, Wendy Santos, and Valerie Best.

Each luncheon, which occurs every second Wednesday of each month, has a theme, and the members pride themselves in their creative and diverse talents, making the events special and memorable. To attend any of the upcoming events, contact Margie Nicolai at 281-454-5567. Membership is only $20.00 per year, and these fine ladies welcome new members. "Where Friendships Begin and Never End" is the outstanding Club's motto.