Jeff Lewis lost his wife in a tragic accident on Oct. 10, 2006. His wife was at the dentist when she asked her sons to move her van closer because of rain. One of her sons accidentally hit the accelerator rather than the brake, striking his mother. Lewis was left with eight children to raise, a failing business and financial difficulties. In spite of his loss, his faith has remained solid. He will be a featured dancer and guest speaker at Memorial Hermann Northeast's annual Celebration of Life held at the Humble Convention center on Sunday, April 22 at 3 p.m. “I hope my presence will give hope to others who have suffered a loss,” said Lewis. “I've been through a lot,” said Lewis. “But my faith in God carries me through.” Lewis is a professional dancer and years earlier he had broken the fifth and sixth vertebrae in his neck during a leap after a chair collapsed. Lewis said that he was a physically active person who was forced to be still during his recovery. The physical stillness allowed him to refocus his life and his life became more centered on his faith. He was ordained in 2002. “After the accident, I wanted to use my dance as a ministry,” said Lewis. He opened the Call to Glory dance studio and traveled with various ministries. “I was with a mission group in Israel when I got the call saying that my wife was in a tragic accident,” said Lewis, who added that they had been married for 23 years. “I think the reason that I was chosen as guest speaker is, that in spite of all the losses, my faith remains strong and I have a message of hope for others,” said Lewis. After the accident he received community support and money was raised to help the single father with eight children. Lewis teaches at a Christian school where his children attend. “The money has helped me to focus on my children and I've been able to manage the laundry and the lunches. It bought me time to figure out how to manage the household,” said Lewis. Lewis said that he has had an opportunity to get really close to his children and they are all doing very well under the circumstance. At this year's celebration of life, Lewis will offer an inspirational speech and perform a lyrical dance to Casting Crown's song, “Praise Him in the Storm.” The Celebration of Life holds a candle lighting ceremony and the names of those who have been lost in the last year are read aloud. Memorial Hermann Northeast is expecting more than 300 people to attend. For more information, call 281-540-7700. Cutlines: 16Celebration1.jpg Jeff Lewis will perform a lyrical dance in honor of his wife, Lisa, who was lost in a tragic car accident. The dance is part of the Celebration of Life. 16Celebration2 or3 Jeff Lewis will be the featured speaker at the Celebration of Life at the Humble Civic Center. His faith remains strong as he cares for his eight children alone.