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Monday, April 13, 2009


Super job! Dear Editor: Super-duper job on the article in the Atascocita Tribune, “Former Wildcat plays Super Bowl” (March 25). Shellie and Bertrand are truly a “hometown” couple who are loved and cared about by so many, and Anne McIlhany’s article showcased a warm and intimate profile of their lives together. So many folks have come up to me and commented on what a really great article it was. So again, much kudos to you for a job well-done! Velma Birks (Shellie’s mother) Atascocita Legislative Tyranny Dear Editor: Unsatisfied with granting the treasury secretary unprecedented power with the upcoming Resolution Authority for Systemically Significant Financial Companies Act of 2009, (tg-70) to seize control of U. S. banks, corporations, or any other U.S. entity which could be construed as a systemic risk to our economy, President Obama goes one further and graciously attempts to grant these same powers over U.S. businesses to all G20 countries, FSF members, Spain and the European Commission as summarized through Section 15 of the G-20 communiqué with the creation of a Financial Stability Board. President Obama went to the G20 in an attempt to get G20 countries to further their stimulus spending and pledge additional combat troops to Afghanistan. President Obama leaves the G20 without any new stimulus, no combat troops and selling us out. Having passed the American Recovery and Restoration Act of 2009 without reading the bill, Congress attempts to cover up their gross negligence by the patently Unconstitutional Bill of Attainder (H.R. 1856). Then following that fiasco, the House passed an even more intrusive (H.R. 1664) bill which applies to all of the 500-odd institutions that received TARP funds, including the solvent ones who took the money at the request of the Treasury Department, giving Treasury Secretary Geithner, who is an official of the administration, the authority to define what are reasonable and unreasonable compensation and performance based standards. A call for the resignation forth wit of all Congressmen and Senators including my Representative, Gene Green (D-Houston), who voted for the American Recovery Act of 2009 then voted for H.R. 1856, H.R. 1664, and any reconciled Senate version of such Bill of Attainders in punitive legislation against private citizens, corporations and companies of the U.S. is warranted. Bruce Tippy Humble Spending Liberally Dear Editor: I guess the quacking ducks must have awakened “the political” Big Lou, however the lake fog must have blurred his memory of the never-ending caustic remarks made by himself and those in his party about President Bush. Only liberal Dem logic would explain how they can complain about Bush’s federal budget of $700 billion when Obama’s out of control spending commitments increase the budget to $1.7 trillion. Bush’s budget deficits averaged $300 billion annually and this was harshly criticized by Obama; however, his planned budget will average $600 billion deficits even after the economy recovers and the troops come home. The 2009 spending increase of 25 percent represents the largest expansion since the New Deal. Discretionary spending has been increased 80 percent over 2008 levels, making it the largest since World War II. I strongly believe the liberal Dems should stop worrying about the past administration’s performance and concentrate on their party’s actions and our nation’s future. When will they learn, “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by discouraging the strong. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred and you cannot help men permanently by doing for them, what they could do for themselves.” - Abe Lincoln Sid B. Nice Humble A Bad Mood View Dear Editor: The View From The Lake is the typical “hodgepodge” (a Geldens word) of lighter thoughts, like Soupa (Greek): “mixture of various items in soup” (i.e. a hodgepodge). This week my mood is like Oh Skata! The Greek word for the French word “Merde”: the Dutch word “schijt.” 1. Thanks to Mr. A.D.M.N. Geldens for giving me back my Top 10. I am glad he likes my style. You can’t “correct” my “dream.” I didn’t say “Senator” Poe as a fact. “The View” to the future: a dream. You still don’t get it. 2. Hypocrite plain and simple in commenting to Mr. Wigglesworth’s letter. Sid B. Nice criticized saying Mr. W disparages the past administration. Was the “pot calling the kettle black?” It is Sid who is the hypocrite “plain and simple” (his words). Mr. Nice said “he (Bush) brought us out of it (recession) through tax cuts that grew the economy.” What planet is he on? GW put us into a depression. Also, you are not the only proud American. They come on both sides of the isle. 3. Geldens v. Big Lou Mr. Geldens even denies me the characteristic of being Big. I have met you and your wife sir. (BTW, she is a nice lady). My dad says I’m “bigger than life.” I am six-foot-five-inches tall (196 cm.). The average height of a Greek man is 178 cm (yes, I looked it up). The average height of a Dutchman is 181 cm. However, in our reverse case, I am much bigger than you. 4. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. I won’t give Geldens a Trojan. My gift this week is humility and tolerance, both of which he and others need to learn. L.M.D.B. (Big Lou) Georgiades Kingwood Enough is enough Dear Editor: The Tribune has a lot of local and general information of interest to the Kingwood residents. However, I am seeing a disturbing trend in the “Letters to the Editor” or “Your Turn” section of the newspaper. Some people are routinely using this section to propagate their religious views very aggressively and taking a “holier than thou” attitude. Many times I have seen an implied threat that the readers who do not heed these warnings are bound to go to “Hell”. In the United States, I do not believe anyone has the right to shove their religion down the throats of others. Even the religious texts tell us to treat others as we would want ourselves to be treated. For instance, just as an example: the Christian zealots who are seeking Christian converts are not going to view it kindly if a Muslim or Buddhist tried to preach their religion to the readers in every issue after issue with the same theme of coercion. The first Amendment established two seminal Rights: First: that no sect, religion or religious coalition may use the public square for indoctrination, coercion or enforcement of beliefs. Second: any and every individual, or group of citizens may practice their beliefs or non beliefs free from interference. Raman Shanker Kingwood A better world Dear Editor: I do not intend to get into a war of words with Mr. Nice. I just want to set the record straight. I hope that this will be my last letter on this topic. I don’t see any point in putting labels on people such as conservative, liberal or hypocrites. To suggest that the Clinton advocacy of expanding mortgage opportunities for low and moderate income people started today’s crisis is fallacious. The crisis was caused by charlatans and fraudulent financiers taking advantage of the deregulations enacted by the Bush administration and its Republican Congress. To compare the state of the economy with the surpluses left by Clinton and inherited by Bush with today’s humungous world crisis is ludicrous. Bush’s tax cuts enriched the top ten percent while doing nothing for the rest. The result is the mess we are in today. I take deep umbrage at his body count remarks. As a veteran of two wars I have a long and abiding deep concern for the lost and wounded among our brave fighting heroes. I, too, am concerned with the growing deficit but the President has consulted some of the best minds and is following their advice which to my mind is better than doing nothing and watching the economy slide into the ocean. We have seen that tax cuts just don’t work. I am not sure that I know enough to make the right decisions about Afghanistan and Pakistan but I know that to go after the terrorist we need to go where they are and they are in Afghanistan and Pakistan and not in Iraq. I support President Obama and believe that his policies will make for a better world for my children and grandchildren. David C. Wigglesworth Via e-mail

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