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Christmas tree recycling information from Waste Management

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Each year, millions of Christmas trees brighten up homes and children’s hearts. But after the presents are opened and the ornaments removed, the once-sparkling tree often gets hauled out to the curb. This year, resolve to recycle that tree. Communities all over the country have set up recycling programs to turn trees into garden mulch, to become sand and soil erosion barriers along the beach and to create feeding grounds for lake fish. Locally, The Atascocita Recycling & Disposal Facility will be collecting the trees free of charge. Trees can be dropped from Dec.26 - Jan.7 between the hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. The facility address is 3623 Wilson Road, Humble. The trees will be mulched for use in the wildlife habitat area located on Atascocita Road. In 2012 Waste Management will be creating a new walking trail from the Education Barn to the new ponds built earlier this year. “Recycling your Christmas tree is giving a gift back to the environment,” said Gordon Spradley, Sr. Landfill District Manager. “Mulching a tree provides a protective barrier for the roots of other plants while preventing weeds from growing. The mulch then decomposes, providing the nutrients plants need to thrive.” According to the National Christmas Tree Association, pine need mulch helps winter soil retain heat. When spring arrives, warm soil encourages early seeding and fast growth. As the season progresses, the mulch stabilizes temperature and moisture, and prevents sunlight from germinating weed seeds. Before donating a real tree, be sure to remove the tinsel, plastic and other non-recyclable ornaments.

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